I used to fly with nex5 on x-uav talon and canon s100 on skywalker 1900, but as i decided to renew airframes, found out that none of them available on ghe market.

What frames are new on the market instead of talon and skywaker? With wide fuselage and 45-65 dm3 wing area? Can't find anything in stocks...

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Here you go.

The widest point of the cut out (the plywood framing) is 115mm.

The internal space in the nose is about 100mm wide.

(A NEX5 is 110mm wide)

I've just noticed the removable fueslage side doors under the wing. That would allow a camera to fit in the main bay and sitck out the sides a bit if needed. That would offer pretty good protection. But it's quite high up which would mean a big hole in the bottom to give it a clear view down, especially with a roll gimbal.

You're right, that position offers no protection.

When the camera is worth 5 times more than the airframe it would be worth finding a position that offered some protection.

Just thought I would show a picture of what I did to my 2015 Skywalker 1830. I'm placing a Sony QX1 in the fuselage. Without cutting the plywood I had to make a huge whole. The good part is the camera is well protected.

Did you think about the Sky Cruise 2400 ?

I own this one, and i am verry impressed on it. I would prefer this one...



Pop me an email (cvanvollenstee@cfaktor.com), I sell the Talon for $120 and the extension wings $25.

Please note we do not sell the extension wings separate from the Talon because of shipping logistics of the extended spars.

The MTD from My Fly Dream has to be the ultimate stable platform out there, it has low wing loading, decent length tail boom, carbon reinforced wings and tail, huge cavernous interior allowing 3 hours worth of batteries and any array of electronics imaginable, twin (counter rotating) motors offering better reliability (as seen on YT, after a prop explosion, pilot was unaware until landing), it has very accurate epo moulding and includes proper servo holders and plastic capped interconnects, literally a stage area for cameras and gimbal. All in all, a very well engineered and proportioned plane, frequently flying 100km+ missions, it is hardly affected by wind, has very low cruise power requirements with plenty of reserve for headwinds or ROC, flies comfortably between 45-60km/h. Has removable outer wings and tail for transportation, it is fairly cheap, and looks good Worth a look at least...




Could I ask how you trigger the Sony QX1?


Don't forget about check this one, too.
Pretty big inside, Sony A5000 can fit. Myself going to choose this one soon.


And then there is this wing, which is simply a modified Phantom FX61. Don't let people tell you the wings are unstable. This is the best platform I've ever had. And what could be simpler. http://www.ebay.com/itm/262377001650

~$80 http://us.banggood.com/Wholesale-Warehouse-Zeta-FX-6I-Phantom-FPV-F...

There is also the Penguin with a built-in downward facing camera position. http://www.readymaderc.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&a...

Jim, I trigger the QX1 by using an 11 pin micro usb connector and connecting it to Pixhawk's Aux connector. I get the pre wired 11 pin micro USB from a $9 clone of the VPR1 trigger.  The trigger is available at here. I cut and strip the wire and keep the end with the usb. Next step is to figure out of the 3 wires which one is ground and which trigger focus and shutter. Plug the wire in the camera and take a volt meter set to DC. There will be two wires that measure 3.3v and the other will be ground. When I find the two wires that have 3.3v I splice them together and put them in a servo connector. The 3.3v goes to signal and ground goes to ground.

Since the camera triggers when you ground the 3.3v you need to change a parameter in Ardupilot. From mission planner change CAM_RELAY_ON: Relay ON value to 0 which will cause Pixhawk to ground the 3.3v. Since shutter and focus are wired together the camera will do both and snap a picture. 

This works on many of the Sony cameras but you must verify the VPR1 will work with your model. It does work with QX1.

Later I want to have the focus on a different relay so I can have it focus and hold once in the air flying. Personally this works so much better than Canon's with CHDK. I can get shutter rates at under 1 per second. With my A6000 I get a picture every .74 seconds.

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