I used to fly with nex5 on x-uav talon and canon s100 on skywalker 1900, but as i decided to renew airframes, found out that none of them available on ghe market.

What frames are new on the market instead of talon and skywaker? With wide fuselage and 45-65 dm3 wing area? Can't find anything in stocks...

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Superb, thanks very much.


Superb, thanks very much.

You may get the stuff Rob Dunbar suggested from Aliexpress, at lower price + free shipping. Look at this.

JIm, Thanks for the link on the cheaper source.

Just my 2ct

Right from the beginning I didn't like to fumble with the small space in the fuselage.
Therefore I put the Nex under the wing with velcro through the wing. A small counterweight
at the tip of the other wing is needed.

Of course I loose a few percent efficiency but for me it works for two years now.
On a Skywalker 1900 it is reasonable protected at that position.

This seems to be rarely used but I will only go for a fuselage mount if I can access
the cam easily within seconds.

Wolfgang R.

Scary, but simple and effective. I like it.

Steven: How you attach the camera to the Fx61 to avoid damage lens when you land?

(I asked because I still have one in the box and have to resolve that yet) 

My 2 cnts in a skywalker 1668

What are we looking at in the image? What part of the plane?

I replaced the standard window, the extra foam piece downside it's only to support the plane, it doesn't fly.

I have an FX-61 but I don't fly for mapping. The link I listed, http://www.ebay.com/itm/262377001650 is for a commercial version intended for mapping. You can get ideas from this site. I can tell you, the FX-61 is a fantastic, versatile, long range/endurance aircraft!

If you can put a UV filter on the lens. If you scratch the filter just replace it.

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