I used to fly with nex5 on x-uav talon and canon s100 on skywalker 1900, but as i decided to renew airframes, found out that none of them available on ghe market.

What frames are new on the market instead of talon and skywaker? With wide fuselage and 45-65 dm3 wing area? Can't find anything in stocks...

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Yes, I have to assemble, to fly and my wish is to make cuadplane but not looks easy .

Hello ,

It seems quite interesting the 3d print support :

It will be nice to have it available for separate purchase.

I see a couple of very simple solutions put forward including wrostek's under wing, or Cala's option sticking out of the side of the fuse. 

I have an underwing mount with a homemade servo gimbal to stabilize roll, it has a range of about 30 degrees either way, so I get straight down images even if the plane rolls during it's flight. According to my log files the plane will roll up to 10 degrees during a straight pass. 

But not many of the solutions in this thread use roll stabilization. That makes me think people must be getting good results without a gimbal. Is it not all that important to have straight down images? Am I overcomplicating things?

One advantage with the gimbal is that I get some useable images even on the turns between runs.

Hi moglos

a good point you bring up here. I've neglected it for too long but thanks
to your trigger I've thought a bit more on it.

As I couldn't find other threads discussing this I'll continue here (please post
a link if it's done already).

My photo missions are under low wind conditions only. I'm doing it not that frequently.

From last month I had two missions and did a bit math on them.

a) almost no wind
b) wind 12km/h, 45deg

It seems that the plane is doing some 7deg roll to compensate the drag on the cam.
I subtracted this value and got on the straight pass

max roll
a) 2.4 deg
b) 5.0 deg

roll variance
a) 0.6 deg
b) 2.0 deg

I would expect a roll-gimbal is helpful and I'm really interested if someone has
collected data on its performance (and is there no impact on blur?).

Wolfgang R.

I do not really see the advantage of adding complexity on a mapping plane set-up. A gimbal is not proposed on Event38 or AeroM. The plane in linear path is sufficiently levelled in my opinion. I often work with Iris, RX100 and no gimbal. Mapping results are always fine, despite the pitch angle when it moves forward.

A gimbal allows you to use less side lap because you don't have to account for possible roll upsets. With less sidelap you cover more area.
Seems to be great idea, espevially at windy conditions.
Do you think overlap can be 40%? Currently I fly at 65%.

Wrostek : Very interesting setup, no need to make hole in bottom, just where the body is the more exposed during landing.

What time flight are you getting like this ? Can you share lipo/ESC/motor/propeller detail ?

Yes, I don't like the hole in the bottom because I land over rought surfaces and can damage the lens and, in the other way, fuselage becomes more fragile just where I have the most expensive equipment in crash case, that's an old photo I have in the pc, now it have a little servo to trigger the camera, something to lock and it's painted, the APM is inside a box and have an ext gps, If you are interested I can take a newer photo, also, I have a protect filter for lens.

The motor is a Dualsky 1250kv, esc Dualsky 60A, flying time depends battery, altitude, wind, payload (sometimes I carry another camera in front, but rounded between 40-50 mins, I hope an hour if I replace the other camera with another battery, I have to try yet. 

Hi Pascal

my setup
- Turnigy 60A
- Turnigy D3536/8 1000KV
- 11x5.5 Aeronaut Cam carbon
- 3s4p Panasonic 18560B
- 50-60km/h cruise
=> 100W
=> 60min abs. max, 50min standard use

I'm looking more for low cost than max efficiency.

In the next step I plan for continuous operation.
3 LiPo sets, 2 charger, for cam 2nd battery and SD

Wolfgang R.

HI Alasdair

Any ideas to have wing extensions removable? They make it really bulky.

Thanks ID

I like more and more MyTwinDream plane.

Redundancy for motor and ESC is really nice to have. The full spread without FC is around 300+ USD. Same level of price than SW or Talon. Very good long time flight capacity as well. Worth trying !

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