I have just completed my implementation of of using the MAVLink XML to setup decom tables to process the MAVLink 1.0 stream.  In the process of checking out the decom process I noticed that Messige ID 25 is not properly populated.   Looking at the attached file 07201700.lis  which is a hex dump of some message ID 25 frames you will see that fields satellite_prn, satellite_used, and satellite_elevation are not properly populated.  Fields satellite_azimuth and sattellite_snr are suspect,  The attached file 25.lis is an excerpt from the MAVLink header file defining message ID 25.  I checked it and it matches the MAVLink XML message definition.  This message ID is useful in determining the geometry of the GPS fix.



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Hi Seth,

Sorry for late response, pls give me some time to extract the Mavlink proc from a bigger project.



Nice to hear that, can't wait to see.


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