Hi all.

     I'm working on a project, and one of the requirements is to utilize existing technology we have made use of on previous projects.  In short, I need to use a Phidget Single Board Computer running Debian Linux.

     I want to have MAVlink communication between the Ardupilot and the Phidget.  Does anyone know if there are existing libraries developed for generating and deciphering MAVlink packets in Linux   For example functions capable of generating the messages necessary in the Waypoint Protocol would be awesome.  See http://qgroundcontrol.org/mavlink/waypoint_protocol

    Please let me know your thoughts and advice on the matter.



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I have been wanting to make a Raspberry Pi running the http://qgroundcontrol.org/ but I dont have a Pi to test it with. 

I've just started a similar search. Which is somewhat complicated by the fact that google indexes every bleeping transaction on the mavlink github site, so there's a huge amount of noise to sift through.

Basically, I've got a Linux SBC that's monitoring a bunch of security sensors.  When it detects a possible intruder, I want it to upload a canned script to the Arducopter that says "Fly the camera out to sector 7,  do a search pattern over the area, and return to base".  Later on we may want it to get more sophisticated (like tracking the copter's location in real time), but that's it for now.

That SBC doesn't even have a monitor, much less a GUI, so options like running the Mission Planner are out of the question.

So far, I've found two possibilities with some promise:

  1. Mavproxy is a simple, command-line-based GCS written in Python.

  2. Ardustation is an Arduino app that monitors the incoming mavlink stream, and does status display and antenna tracking.

Ardustation seems to have some limited mavlink encoding and decoding. Since I'm developing the security system in C, I'm first going to look at using that as an example for communications code. But I might also run a modified version of Mavproxy as a separate process, and have the alarm code send it higher-level commands (like, say, "scan sector 7") via a socket.


Hi Ran

Woauu! IWhat you are writing is the same i want do! But i have very limited budget so i want start using ArduRover.

I have just look to the MavProxy and it seem the good CLI software to send the drone to a allarmed point.

Have you made some progress about your idea?

I can use MavProxy to send the drone to specific waypoint or GPS position?

Many thanks for every tips!


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