So, I'm developing a ground station for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad) and after making a lot of progress, I came upon a major stumbling block. I can not wrap my head around how the mavlink protocol works. The iOS side of the project is easy but i'm stuck on how the messages are generated/formatted. 

Btw, I already worked out how to send serial communications to and from the iPhone (Jailbroken) and I'm finishing up an xbee docking prototype that attaches to the back. I just don't have an ardupilot mega yet and won't have one for a couple months. I really want to start working on the program so I need any help that anyone can offer.



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Yeah, I understand you perfectly, just trying to get it my way ;)

This is me testing the iPhone serial port using two xbees and the arduino serial lcd example. It works like a champ! and now its time to keep working on the main app!

Have you tried to connect to a APM yet? To see how the arduino handles the code.

No I haven't, Since I've been in school for the past 6 months i'm running low on cash and so I haven't gotten a chance to purchase the apm. But this summer, i'll get one after my first paycheck and then I can test the code i've written


I really don't understand if I should use MaVLink? I am writing code for a camera mount (which has its own APM board attached). When do I use MaVLink protocol? I need to send the continuous updated parameters of the IMU+GPS to the ground station, do I need to use MaVLink??  I don't need to communicate any other data (apart from the one mentioned above) to the ground station. 

Is there any other way?

Also, any basic tutorial for MaVLink is appreciated.


yes, you can use another protocol, but you then have to change the APM firmware accordingly

Mavlink is used as a default communication protocol between the APM and your ground station

hi there, I have interested in your project, and i have study Mavlink protocol by myself and also have some experiences of developing Obj-C, can i help you in your project?

the dock connector requires root access and apple charges tens of thousands of dollars to have a iPhone bluetooth device but wifi is allowed

I don't understand... why would you deal with a company that would try to rip you off like that?  $10k to use the bluetooth device you already paid for?

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