Hi All,

I was recently fiddling around the code for a while and decided to create a tutorial out of it so that others may find it useful. If I would have known this knowledge long back, I am sure I would have saved a lot of time since then! I find lot of beginners getting swayed and lack of knowhow on MavLink with respect to APM/PX4. Information on internet is scattered and not much of use!! 

This will be "Step by Step" entertaining, PART - I of the series I plan to write.on:

What it Covers:

  1. MavLink, starting from scratch. What the hell is it and understand how it works with APM/ PX4
  2. Learn how developers think -> Arducopter communication with Mission Planner and vice-versa.
  3. Get a feel of 'How Stuffs works'.

Too much hype:) Well, this information has been collated from my experience and from internet. I know there is information on the new Wiki, it tells you what, I plan to tell you 'how'! :)

Please let me know if you found it interesting. If there is enough response, I will make another tutorial where I would add more 'Step by step' knowhow!!


- More on MavLink

- Learning Arducopter source code, Step by Step

- Making swarm (multiple) copters work with your 3DR Telemetry radio! I am working on it.

See attachment for [MAVLink Tutorial for Absolute Dummies (Part –I)]

Edit: Request you to post your queries over the forum directly, as it is not possible for me to address all queries I get by email!


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my real name is Thor, and thank you for the links, i appreciate your help. i thank you for your offer for help and if needed will sync up with you, i am an experienced .net coder but sometimes help is needed when you look over others code :P

Thank you Shyam once again for this useful Tutorial .
I cant wait to see  Part 2.

I was trying some days now to find a simple tutorial ( for dummies ) on how to read MavLink through my Raspberry Pi with no success.
It is in your intention to cover this in the next Parts?
If No .. could you please guide a noob like me to understand in simple steps how to install and read those msgs in my Pi ?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Nik,

Thanks for the comments.

There are a few forums scattered around this idea, where you can learn how to do this with RPi.

In the next tutorial I will add the reading of external board like APM with RPi.


Sounds GREAT !!!

Thank you.

I'd like to say many thanks for this guide. It is helping me out greatly.

mavlink documentation is sparse as you said, I am trying to integrate a CLI interface in LabVIEW similar to mavproxy for my university project.

I have messaged you. thanks.

Great guide! I've linked to it at the official dev site here


Thank you for the addition to the official dev site.



Hi Mr Shyam,

I'm currently having difficulties connecting APM with Microhard n920 OEM 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Modem for data and video link, it wont connect, I don't receive any data. Is this tutorial is the answer to my problem?

Sorry my bad, it's not Microhard n920 OEM 900 MHz Spread Spectrum Wireless Modem, but Microhard IPnDDL. Your guide is very much appreciated.

Hi Muhsin,

Thank you for your comments.

Your question seems more specific to connection issues and configuration settings, may not be software problem in particular. All I know from your post is you are having problems, but don't know what the problem is. I am afraid, this tutorial does not address your problem and only addresses on how MavLink works.

There are lot of details pertaining to configuring Xbee Telemetry here, which may fairly give you an idea of settings for other devices. Did you already have a look ?




Hi All,

Request you to post your queries over the forum directly, as it becomes difficult for me to address all queries I get by email! It will also help other users to address your queries more efficiently.


Shyam, the telemetry modules work with frequency hopping on a small frequency band centered in the 433-434 MHz or in the 900Mhz ranges. Therefore you never get interferences between multiple telemetry radios. As long as they are configured with different net IDs, you can make separate communications with different drones.



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