Mavproxy cmd_rc actually blocks rc commands - how should this be used


  I'm trying to reproduce an intermittent flyaway bug and I found some behavior that surprised me.  We have a quad that we wanted to control strictly through mavproxy (sometimes no rc receiver plugged in).  When we unplugged the RC we found that some channels could have noise induced values and could cause random yawing or leaning one way or another.  If we used the self.module('rc').cmd_rc([3, 1050])  - Throttle in this case we could keep the channel voltage from free wheeling.  If you do happen to have an RC connected and you use one or more of these commands the channel control is severed from the RC receiver.  Not sure how many people use this configuration but I was wondering about whether this is intended behavior and if there was a way to reinstate the RC access to the channel without rebooting.  Running 3.3.  The program just uploads a flight plan and launches the vehicle in auto mode.



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That is expected behaviour.

Use self.module('rc').cmd_rc([3, 0]) to reinstate the RC access to the channel.

See the documentation at

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