In all of the documentation it says the maximum, and minimum, roll and pitch angles are in centi-Degrees.


Maximum Bank Angle (ArduPlane:LIM_ROLL_CD)

The maximum commanded bank angle in either direction

  • Range: 0 9000
  • Increment: 1
  • Units: centi-Degrees

However (at least in ArduPlane 2.4) the units are actually normal degrees. Also, if they are centi-degrees then the range should be 0-900, not 9000.

My main worry is that all of a sudden someone fixes this and then my plane will have a maximum roll of 4.5 degrees and max pitch of 2.0 degrees.

Can either the documentation fixed to show the units are degrees with a 0-90 range, or can centi-degrees be actually used (do we need that much precision?) and a warning put out that the change is taking place and everyone should update their parameters.

Personally I vote for just fixing the documentation.

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Hi Eddie,
They are in centi-Degrees, and always have been. What makes you think they aren't?
Cheers, Tridge

Hi Tridge,

When I loaded the bixler parameters file it set the roll value in the mission planner to 45. I didn't alter the value. When I push my stick all the way to the left in FBW mode the plane banks to 45 degrees and holds the bank.

The pitch values are similarly set (and work) in degrees, not centi-degrees. (15 and -25, not 150 and -250).

Lastly I read an error somewhere where someone's plane rolled past 45 degrees and kept rolling, possibly (I can't be sure) he had set the roll value to 450.

Hi Eddie, Inside APM they are in centi-Degrees. It looks like the planner displays them in degrees for some reason.

Hi Tridge,

Thanks for the clarification. I can understand that you'd want the precision of centi-Degrees in the code, and it makes sense to me to use standard degrees in the planner. To avoid confusion, could the description in the planner be changed to say Degrees?

Centi-Degrees?  Are the log instructions correct?

In the Log file ATT record, the numbers report out in decimal form, such as -.09 and .22.  In the instructions for the log, it says these are "centi-degrees".  So 0.22 centi-degrees would be .0022 degrees (just like .22 centimeters would be .0022 meters).

What is in the ATT record looks more like degrees than degrees x 100.  Is documentation correct or is the centi-degree used in code converted to degrees in the ATT record (making documentation incorrect)?

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