MediaTek GPS - Blue LED Lock, No-Lock IMU RED (C) LED



This issue seems to be prevalent across the forum so I ponder if a FAQ or some steps to sort through this issue. I bought a new MediaTek GPS from the DIYDRONES store. My thought was this thing should be ready to go and plug in. Anything that ships would have whatever latest firmware needed especially for a part such as this.


Anyway, whether this is firmware related or not I do not know as I have not fully exhausted all analysis. I wanted to post a fresh thread that made it clear what the symptoms were so that others could lend advice, solution, or plausible explanation for others who are having this issue as well.


The issue is as follows:


I have the AdruPilot Mega board and the ArduPioletMega IMU Rev-H. The boards are mated as per all instructions and the MTEK GPS connected. I power up via USB, load the software and check things out in CLI mode. Likewise, have tested the other sensors with the Calibration tool.


What I noticed is that the GPS blue LED locks. However, the RED LED (C) never flickers, never locks. I also noticed that GPS data when I run some other coded test I snubbed in report all zeros (0).


Can someone tell me what is the logical next step to get this issue resolved or do I just send the GPS back and request a new one. I assume it is working and that the issue is in the communications between the GPS and ArduPilot Mega board.


Is there new firmware that for some reason is not on the GPS boards being shipped from DIYDRONES?


Thanks in advance for any input and steps to resolve. I am certain others can benefit from a definitive solution as well.



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what have you commented/ uncommented in code?

Gary, as we've discussed here before there was a glitch in our shipping schedule last month where we were sending out MediaTek modules with 1.6 firmware before the software supports it. We've apologized and explained this and taken corrective action. We have now released APM software that supports it and the ArduPirates are adapting ArduCopter code to do so as well.

Assuming you have a MediaTek with the 1.6 firmware, which is why your ArduCopter code is not showing lock, you have three options:

  1. If you have a FTDI cable, you can downgrade the firmware yourself
  2. You can return your MediaTek module for a replacement with downgraded firmware
  3. You can wait a week or so for the Pirates to release ArduCopter code that supports the 1.6 firmware
The MediaTek modules are back in stock and shipping with 1.6 now.


Chris would this also apply to the kits that were sent from FahPah the end of November, beginning of December.  I am having the same problem.
Could be. I'm not exactly sure of what modules had which firmware and when, but that sounds about right. I'd recommend option 3 above.
Thanks Chris for the reply. I will review the new APM software and proceed with testing from there as we await the new ArduCopter code.

The MTK that came with my (first batch) FahPah Arducopter seemed to match the RC2 code.


The Red LED does NOT come on until you first switch into GPS Hold mode.  This was a discussed bug, it seems.

I assume that you cannot switch to GPS hold until the motors are armed.  Is that correct?
Not correct.  You can do it on the ground.
Thanks, that means that the other problem that I am having, can't arm motors, is also preventing me from switching to GPS hold.

Watch the LEDs.. the yellow LED should toggle with GPS Hold.

After you switch into GPS Hold (disarmed), then the RED Led should track the blue one.




I loaded the new APM code selected the corresponding values as needed in the APM_Config.h and tested the GPS. So all is working just fine. I will await the new ArduCopter code once it is available.





Does the editing of transmitter trims affect the APM/IMU to attain GPS lock?



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