I purchased this with full knowledge it wasn't ready to go out of the box. I'm starting this thread to consolidate efforts to utilize this GPS in the multiple projects here at DIYdrones.

I'm working with the UAVdev board and the MBED micro controller.

I have included the datasheets and associated documentation.

Here is a link to the USB installer software


*NOTE: Default baud rate is 38400 not 9600 as stated in the Datasheet.

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I wonder if I can just wire this straight into my UAVdev board modifying the GPS cable from the DIYdrones store? I'm assuming it may need some setup for baud rates and mode.
I received mine today. I connected Vcc to 3.3 volts, GND to 0V, nothing comes out of TX pin.
Can somone help me ?

You might make sure that the ENABLE pin is really being held high even though the data sheet says that it can be left floating.

Just a thought.

I received mine too today and darn... it's really small :)

Well yes enable is always good to enable and will have a lot better success to get it working. Well time for testing tomorrow. Nice to see how it well perform.
It takes some time from a cold start and I wonder if your indoors if that causes a problem? Just speculation on my part because the pads are so small I'm going to have to solder wires under a magnifier in order to bread board it! I wonder how Jordi's interface board will connect?
lol I thought I had deleted my previous message. A few minutes after posting I realized that I hadn't connected the backup power supply pin to 3.3V so it didn't work. Now it's fine. Thanks,
Can someone tell me how to change the factory settings (bds rate, update rate ect...).
FInally got mine wired into the mbed and it seems to be working it is outputting serial on the tx about once a second. LOL! I'll have to code up a NMEA parser next. :D
Just found out it may be the terminal settings resulting in garbled characters for the output. I'm assuming NMEA is a binary output and I just need to set my terminal up correctly to display the output.
You have to set the right baud rate. Otherwise on some terminal you will see the strange caracters. As an example mine runs at 38 400 bauds default settings.
But as I Asked above, I don't know you to change settings on the GPS...

By the WAY, NMEA is not binary as such. Serial ports send byte. Each byte correspond to a character (ASCII convention table).
Hello everybody.

I confirm that you need to supply the battery pin (with the same wire than 3.3V power supply, or with a battery !).

To modify parameters, find attached a file I have built to summarise the different commands (in french, but easy to understand), and messages specif in pdf file.

You will just have to send these data (provided in my file in decimal format).

Be careful:
- if you change values, you will have to change the checksum (Excusive OR of all data bytes, but not their command bytes),
- if you change parameters in RAM, they will be resetted at the next turn on. But they will remain if you set them in flash.

Hi Gilles,

Thanks for your help !

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