Microdrones claims 60 min of flight time for a Quadcopter ?

This must be the best sell pitch ever or just their fantasy.
But still, if somebody can come up with a formula ( battery size , prop size,
motor ) to get at less 50% of that it would be great .

 This are the specs for the MD4-1000 from the MicroDrones
Empty weight 2650g
Max payload weight 1200g
Take-off weight ~5500g
Size 102cm rotoraxis-rotoraxis
Flight duration up to 60 min
Operating distance up to 2000m
Battery cell LiPo 9000, 18000 or 27000 mAh   
Wind tolerance 12 m/s

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Sweet, thank you.

I ask my factory about this large price difference....

They are definitively not the same quality :D

But maybe it is enough for fun !


Its easy for you to knock Himodel, simply because you are in competition and are selling them for $99, so basically anything you say is rubbish with claims of 'not the same quality'

do yo know a place to find suggested prop/motor combination for 4 cell use ?

That don't impress me much.

If you don't carry a 500g gimbal and 1kg camera, that's 1.5 kg of extra battery that can be carried that will extend flight times.

Hi Ron,  You don't need the Simonk firmware or special ESCs' to get the most out of the MT3506.  I have used several different ESCs' on these motors.  For me the best have been the turnigy AE 20A ESCs' and the Blue Series 30A ESCs'.   I always leave my ESC timing on Auto or low timing due to the low kV ratings of the motors I use.  How many ESCs' have you tested on this motor?  

Same results here with the prop and battery findings.  12*3.8 SF props and 4 cell lipo are best match for all around stability and performance with these motors.  

Hi Jani,

Do you know when these big disk motors will be on sale in Jdrones store?



Ron - I'm trying to build a long duration photography octa platform for hobby.  It's going well.  My last build was with 750KV motors/11x4.7 props/11.1VDC.  Can get about 25 minutes carrying a camera.

Now I'm looking at really low KV motors to get into the 30 minute range.  I'll be testing the:

AX-4008D KV 620
HP4215 460KV 24N18P
HP4108-380KV 22N24P
Dualsky XM4005TE-29 (320KV)
Sunnysky X4112S (400KV)

Props will be from 11" - 16".

If you had to choose one motor/prop/voltage combination, what would be your winner in less than 5 knot winds?

P.S.  I'm retired so performance outweighs cost.

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