Hi there, first of all, let me clear something, I am very new to this DIY Quad thing, so, might be saying or doing something totally wrong and stupid, please excuse that. 

I have a bit of problem with setting up the Mini APM pro. Actually the setup process with PC was OK, except it didn't recognize the compass in the flight controller, but that is a separate issue all together.

I am not certain whether I have done the connections on the controller and receiver correct. I am using a Radiolink R9D receiver with the A9T transmitter. I am posting relevant pictures so you can see how I have done the connections.

Also wants to make a note that I have calibrated the ESC's seperately during setup and all is done, but strangely the when I put the throttle up to max, nothing happens, but the motors start to get the current

once I put the throttle down. It should work the other way around, isn't it? also the relevant motor from the ESC spins right sometime, and left sometime..!! Also once I setup the connections like this, nothing happens.

Given that I am new to these, I am totally confused guys. Any help will be greatly appreciated. This is my first DIY quad and I am stuck. Probably the hardware selections was not right, learning...learning....

Thanks and expecting some help coming soon.

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There's no on board compass on the APM Pro http://www.banggood.com/MINI-APM-PRO-Flight-Controller-Upgraded-fro...

Also the APM requires PPM Sum or PWM signals. The A9 is PWM or SBUS out

Copter.ardupilot.com has more info on setup
Hi Bill, thanks for your note. That solves my compass issue. But still not sure how I should connect the whole thing up. Will chk as u suggested. Anyone else have any suggestions?

see http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/connecting-the-apm2/ for wiring diagram. You need to wire each channel ie. A9D CH1 to CH1 APM Inputs, A9D CH2 to CH2 inputs APM etc.. i.e. using PWM 

this link show how to put the A9D in PWM mode http://www.helipal.com/radiolink-r9d-2-4ghz-9-ch-s-bus-receiver.html

So how's your quad now? Still problem?
Landed on this thread because of my colleague have problem too with APM Pro. I think this board were minimalist version of regular board so it kinda confusing.
Considering my previous builds with APM, I see there were no GPS+Compass on your APM Pro. Better install it, there are many integrated GPS & module compass outhere, you can connect them properly with south side pin of FC, GPS pins (Left-Right:Tx, Rx, Vcc, GND) and compass/I2C pins (Left-Right: SCL, SDA).

On more thing that important, it seemed you only connect Ch.1 to Ch.4. You didn't connect Ch.5 which is flight mode. You better use it since Radiolink AT9 have 9 Channel so it kinda wasting if you don't use it.

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