Hello all...

As some people around here, i'm experiencing pb with my minimosd, latest release...

Everything was working fine.

But for no reason, i can't display any data overlay anymore on my image.

I can see the camera view through the osd, but i 've no information at all.

It may come from the fact that i connected unfortunately the usb in the same time as the osd on my apm... Could that fried my osd ?

I reflashed everything and sent back the charset with a well powered usb port + alim on the other side of the  osd.

All the best,


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What happens when you disconnect the camera? Do you see the overlay then?

Hello Kieran, 

Thanks for your help.

Nope. If i disconnect the camera, i got nothing at all....

I happened to order a new minimosd. But if i can troubleshot this one i will be quite happy !

I have the same problem

There's a long thread here which has some solutions but I have the same problem still.


The max7456 chip is quite fragile. As far as i understand, it can easily be killed by slight voltage differences between the analog and digital grounds (or Vcc) for instance.

I already fried too boards... but it is not very difficult to repair it by replacing the MAX chip (you can order a couple of these chips as  free "samples" on Maxim site). You can find some more details here:


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