Minimal example of passing decoded MavProxy data to another program?

I'm new to MavProxy (and to MavLink data in general) but just succeeded in installing it and running it interactively on a Raspberry Pi physically connected to the Telem2 port on a Pixhawk2.1/Cube.  My question now is how I can non-interactively  (and hopefully with the fewest possible lines of code) pass a continuous stream of decoded data from the Cube (similar to the text output from the MavProxy 'status' command) to a second Python program running on the same Rpi.

Can this be done with unmodified MavProxy itself, or do I need another another module or package?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer, even if it's just a link to another page somewhere.

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Welp, I didn't get any answers here, but I'll report for the benefit of others that MavProxy turned out not to be the solution to my problem but rather the dronekit module, which got me to the point of running a working demo program in about an hour.

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