Hi guys,

I know that this subject being discussed multiple times but I am totally confused and "disoriented".

I am on 3.2.1 and have telemetry radio on Telem1, minimOSD on Telem2.

OSD didn't show any data till I set SR3_ but not sure I did right thing.

What is the right way to set up this OSD?  What are SRx_ parameters for Telem1, what are SRx_ paràmeters for Telem2? And what are SR3_ paràmeters for? 

Is it the right way to connect OSD to Telem2? I see some connect it to Telem1 and telemtry radio to telem2. is that the right way?

I see some reference say that I need to set SR1 and SR2 parameters. But I afraid that it will affect telemetry radio. I am so confused. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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If you're seeing "No Mav Data", turn off RTS/CTS checking for the port you have MinimOSD connected to.

I normally connect the MinimOSD to Telem1 and the telemetry radio to Telem2.

Thanks. But what should I do with SR1 and SR2 parameters?

They control how often updates are sent out on each port.  Set the to what you want but not too fast or you'll run out of bandwidth on the serial port.

Something like this is fine:


Thank you. I'll try.

This is exactly what I needed to get my MINIMOSD working on a Pixhawk. Before that I was only getting the flight mode.  Thank you so much!

Scott, you legend! I opened up my Pixhawk v3.2.1 within Mission Planner and all the SR2_ params were 0. Following your step and hitting Write Params was all that was needed to bring my MinimOSD to life. Thanks!

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