Hi all !

I need help about my MinimOSD freshly unpacked.

I've triple checked the cabling and I don't know why I've just a black image on my screen.
There is a suspicious comportement when I power on the system. I explain how it happens:
1. Connect correctly the Vin/Vout/RX/BLK between APM, MinimOSD and video transmitter 
2. Power on the APM 
3. Connect the battery balance connector 12V to the MinimOSD  

At point 2, the ST led (orange) blink and the D PWR (red) led power on and still.  
When I do the point 3, the ST led shut off and the A PWR led power on and still. 
After that, I just have a black screen... It's weird because the system worked at least once!  
The firmware is up to date and I use a XBee but I've not connected the TX port on the minimOSD.

What's wrong ? Someone can help me ?

Thanks in advance ;-)


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Darn, i should have read this tread. i have just fried my 5th minim :(

Don't feel to bad, I just did this yesterday, So now I need to order my 3rd osd.

I just fried my first one couple of hours ago. Thanks to this thread it may be my last one to fry.

I've already fried 7 MinimOSDs (original and clones) trying to get it to work on a single battery system AND without a ground loop.

Most people who've got it working on a single battery system do it by powering it from the APM, soldering the 2 tabs, and removing the 12V + connection. The problem with that is that there are 2 routes to ground.

Trying to achieve a star-ground, I removed the ground wire on the APM telemetry side.

My APM is powered via the power module and my video gear from the balance connector. 

If I power my APM first and then the video gear, it all works. 

If I power my video gear first and then my APM, then the MinimOSD fries.

I'm still confused as to why it's happening. It makes no sense to me at all. That's why I've already destroyed 7 in trying to figure it out.

I'm done with experimenting now, because it's becoming too costly. I've got more MinimOSDs coming in the mail and I'll just have to connect them with ground loops and pray for the best.

I just wish 3DR or someone would redesign this pos OSD so that it will be more reliable and not so noisy on UHF if powered by the video side, and most important of all dump that Maxim chip and replace it with something else.

Minimosd works just fine. I have a few and have never fried one. I dont understand how anyone could fry one unless they are plugging the wrong volts to the wrong pins.

On my quad i use a 4s for the motors and that powers the apm via the power module and a 3s for the video side which does the gimbal, vtx, a camera and minimosd. It doesnt matter which i power up first, it just works.

I never solder anything on my minimosd, just flash firmware + charset and use.

It's simple: Do as I explained and with everything connected to the right pins of course.

Is there a way to check the video chip? My osd seems to work, all leds are ok but I got no video out. Over and over I put the software via Ftdi on the minimosd and at the end it say Done... but no video :(

At first the osd works fine, after I take it out of my FPV Raptor to place it in my Skywalker I changed screen 1(I want to see the Rssi) but after that there was no video out anymore.  

You probably don't have a common ground between the board, the camera, and the transmitter. There is almost no possibility that the chip is bad.

No that is ok, placed the osd back into the FPV Raptor but there also no video out. Did not change any wiring.

mmmm forgot to tell I have solder the jumper so the board is now powerd by the 5v of the apm. Could this cause problems? Did not use 12v

The reason you want separate batteries is to avoid the camera seeing the spikes that happen when your aircraft need for power changes.

Well why would anyone want to go to the path that can fry their minimosd, when if you keep things simple and follow the instructions it works to perfection.

How are you powering your camera ? The video out and ground from the camera need to be connected to the minimosd. If you can see the overlay but the background is black, sounds like your camera setup is not powered

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