Just a quick question or two please... does the latest Minimosd board contain a thermal cut-out please?

Does it require a signal from the video camera to operate?

I am having a lot of issues with my overlay coming and going, am trying to work out why, seems to get pretty warm at times.

Have tried various power setups, but even with a separate 12V battery (to analogue part of board and camera/video tx), find I am still losing the overlay - overlay works fine on the ground, even with full power, but as soon as I launch, the overlay disappears after about 20secs. I land, press reset, overlay is back, but then same problem.

(I earlier tried connecting the jumpers, tying the analogue/digital board parts, powering the board with the 5V from APM2.5, but as soon as I opened the throttle, the overlay 'static'ed and disappeared completely after 15% throttle. Form the reading I've done so far, this is a common problem, so I'm not surprised.)

I have been seeking (and receiving!) help on the minimosd extra forum, so the full description of my issues is on there if anyone interested. :)

Any help gratefully received! :)



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Same problem Osd stops working after giving to much throttle or using bigger props.

I know, this thread is really old, but I suffered from the same problems.

I managed to get rid of this problem, so I want to share my solution.

The APM has a very poor 5V output to the telemetry port without any filter. You can see, that there is noise with +-0.2V, that causes crashes of the digital part. Especially when the motors add noise to the powerline.

Noise from APM:

So I build a seperate sbec with an LC-Filter to power the minimOSD:

This looks much better:

So I cutted the 5V line from the APM and hooked the minimOSD to that powersource with common ground.

Now, my minimOSD runs stable.

Have you considered the RF current induced in video in /out wires? I had some OSD issues every time i flew near RF towers. Once even the gimball I2C bus froze. Both have in common long wires.

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