Hi Yall. Firstt, thank you for being such a tight community! I am somewhat new to the Custom Drone world. I have a setup I will post specs on later, however i have a weird issue. 

I have my MinimOSD hooked up, and booting. Most of the info is registering, some i still have to configure. 

HOWever. Some parameters do not show up that I program through the configuration tool. (View Attached Images.  More specifically: Distance from home (top Right), the home orientation arrow (Middle above Horizon) RSSI and others.

I have tried installing every possible version of minim OSD firmware there is out there. Updated the CharSet numerous times. I am at the point where I am losing sleep! I cannot figure this out...... -.-

I know that the screen is cutoff. I believe this is normal due to the resolution of my FPV screen on the transmitter. 

I am currently using MinimOSD firmware v2.2 (The extra versions of the firmware seem to have the same issue?

I am using a Pixhawk PX4 flight controller with latest firmware (3.2 i believe)
 Attached are some pictures. 

Any help would be fantasmish. 

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I have the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

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