MinimOSD says "Update Charset" on bootup, must reset first

I have APM2, XBee Pro 900, connected to MinimOSD without TX line as advised.  When I power up the system, the MinimOSD always shows Booting, then "Update Charset" and goes no further.  If I press the hard reset it works fine again, but never on initial bootup.  It also does this if I unplug the XBee and connect the MinimOSD directly to the APM with all pins connected.

Is anyone else having this problem?  This does not seem like normal behavior.

I have also re-updated the firmware and charset with the MinimOSD software and nothing changed.

Please help!

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Also, I've tied the power line from the analog to digial side so that the video chip will be powered from the +5V from the APM2 since my video equipment has it's own power.  Can't imagine that this would make any difference, but that's how I've run it from the start.

I have exactly the same setup and am having the same problem. My OSD is not accessable when mounted in the plane and rebooting the OSD with the pushbutton is hard to do. I don't recall having this problem before updating the firmware. Anyone else solve this problem?

I emailed 3DR support and explained the problem to them directly as well.  They asked me to ship it back for warranty repair/replacement, so they sent a FedEx label and RMA # and I sent it back...  I Hope they can reproduce and solve the issue.

If I am having exactly the same problem, I don't think it is defective hardware. If I unplug the FTDI cable after I power up in the APM and OSD and get the 'update charset' message and plug it back in, it will boot properly just like a pushbutton reset.

I am having the same problem as you described it!

Is there any news for getting it to work without pressing the hardreset?



can you test something

plug in the osd.... wait 20 seconds. and then turn on the apm/connect.

I did now power the APM2 and waited about 20 seconds. then I connected the osd to it and it works fine without hitting the hardreset.

Seems like booting them together produces the update charset problem...

By the way I am powering the OSD over the APM2 Board, because I use 12V Camera/TX System. maybe worth trying to power the OSD from the Camera/TX Side?

the osd looks for 3 enters in a row (first 20 seconds) to enter char update mode. so the apm must be causeing that somehow.

I ve now tested powering the osd second stage itself over the cam voltage; and the problem remains. 

Maybe I try reloading the APM firmware...

no, doesnt solve the problem, either. I tested the actual arducopter and arduplane!

I just commented out the line that calls for the char update as another member suggested. It will boot properly now.

if (crlf_count == 3) {


I guess I will have to change it back to update the character set but at least I don't have to reset it when it is in the plane.

I am also powering the APM and OSD at the same time.

Any solutions?!?

With 3DRadio the same Problem ;-(

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