MinimOSD says "Update Charset" on bootup, must reset first

I have APM2, XBee Pro 900, connected to MinimOSD without TX line as advised.  When I power up the system, the MinimOSD always shows Booting, then "Update Charset" and goes no further.  If I press the hard reset it works fine again, but never on initial bootup.  It also does this if I unplug the XBee and connect the MinimOSD directly to the APM with all pins connected.

Is anyone else having this problem?  This does not seem like normal behavior.

I have also re-updated the firmware and charset with the MinimOSD software and nothing changed.

Please help!

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APM 2.6 and new MinimumOSD all from the shop here and Same issue. I ordered a USB to the MinimumOSD cable so I can  update the OSD. I hope that will solve this!

I'm having the same issue as described. I have the latest OSD firmware and Character set installed. I've tried various TELEM_DELAY times from 0 to 10 and the problem still insists. The default time was set to 0. By the way, I have the Pixhawk with Aruduplane 3.2 loaded. 

this problem started for me today.was working fine then now this!

any ideas?

Recently when I wired up my Iris+ to do OSD, i notice that when I first power on my Iris+, I do not power the gimbal until the OSD board boots up. Once it boots I can then plug in my 2d gimbal. 

When I have the gimbal power cord plugged in when I plug in the Iris+ I get the update character set. This usually indicates that I have powered on the Iris+ with the gimbal plugged in. I then restart the Iris+ with the gimbal unplugged.

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