Hi. I use Ardupilot mega 1 and i just ordered the minimOSD from the diydrones store. My question is:

I have [url=http://www.electronicarc.com/catalogo/product_info.php?products_id=556&osCsid=85f58d36c3f113f1bd679455c9f13515]this[/url] old current sensor. Is it possible to connect this to the apm? I saw i could connect an other sensor from sparkfun, but will this do?

Thanks :)

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You need to check out values from your sensor, sparcfun sensor is scaled down to 3.3v, just measure, how much V it gives out from ex 3s or 4s battery, and also try some current measurements and check out to how much V it converts, say, from 10A.

But, as I now, minimOSD still supports voltage only and from one battery.

Okay. How do i messure this? Do i messure between ground ( - ) on the battery and the signal on the current sensor? This is the "technical data" i got from the webpage:

50A. Current Sensor for Ikarus OSD and Black Stork II

* Voltage Range: 2.8 to 42V (1-10S Lipo)
* 50 A.
* Conector: Dean-T
* Dimension: 44x13x7 mm.
* Weight: 9gram (with Dean-T connector).
* 15Cm. Extension wire

I see it sais 2.8 to 42V, good, bad?

You need to measure what is going out to this servo like plug. Most likely there are ground (black), and scaled voltage and current output (in volts)

Just plug some battery in and check voltage between black-red and black-white on servo type plug.

The same goest for current, you need to load device and measure current and then measure voltage on servo like plug. 

Of course there is possibility, than it sends some digital information, but I don't think ,most likely it is usual divider.

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