Hi ya'll,

I'm planning on modifying the ArduPlane code for a recreational project involving hang-gliders.  I had no problem downloading binaries etc... but when I built the current master branch (or ArduPlane-release) I received an error from make/gcc about include/menu.h not found.

From poking around this seems to be a missing symbolic link or somesuch which presumably points to AP_Menu.h.  I made the following change to get things building: https://github.com/geeksville/ardupilot/commit/7b9066d570cef78fd210...

With this change I can build a binary that works happily.

Two questions:

  • Is anyone else seeing this problem?  Did I miss a setup step?
  • Is there a preferred way to submit patches?  I just opened an issue at google code, but attaching a patch as text seems a little icky.

Thanks a bunch for all the good work!  

Kevin Hester

SF Bay Area

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Hi Kevin,

That's quite strange, especially as your patch is to AP_Var, which we haven't used for a very long time.

I suspect you got bitten by the transition to the new AP_HAL code. We will make an announcement about that change soon!

Cheers, Tridge

Thanks!  To follow such announcements is there a particular forum (this one?) that I should watch or some other mail list?

btw: I figured out why my build wanted AP_Var.  It seems to be some bitrot in the cmake based build.  If I build just using "make configure" and "make" all is well.  I'm now presuming that most folks are not using cmake currently, so I'll follow the garden path and stay with make.

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