Here is the basic setup for my Quad.

1200 mm motor to motor frame.

Pixhawk Flight controller.

Castle Creations 50A ESC's 

6s 15C Lipo Battery

AttoPilot battery monitor

U8 Tiger Motors

28" Tiger Props

Taranis 9XD Radio

Minim OSD with a 5.8 ghz video transmitter from 3D Robotics

Telemetry module from 3D Robotics

12v/5v Dual BEC

I was flying pretty well in Stabilize and Alt Hold prior to a rebuild. I rebuilt so it would be easier to transport, I was suffering from high levels of vibration affecting the flight controller, and to improve flight stability in Loiter mode. My goal to reduce the vibration readings on the .bin logs to improve the ability to fly in loiter mode I felt could be accomplished at the motors and at the flight controller. Prior the the rebuild Loiter in inconsistent conditions the Quad would become unstable and rock out of control. I have been working with others to find solutions to provide stable flight characteristics in calm to windy conditions for these large platforms. 

The items I changed were hard motor mounts to Tarot Anti Vibration motor mounts. I added a 3D printed Pixhawk anti vibration mount for the flight controller. The frame I changed from the V2 PRO QUAD/X8 frame with 25mm CARBON arms to the FOLDABLE PRO QUAD frame with 25mm tubes from . I added another main section plate and aluminum standoffs for a  battery bay to mount dual 16000 mah 15C batteries.

Now that the rebuild is complete I went though all of the same procedures of calibrations to be flight ready. Once complete I connected it to my Galaxy Note 4 using Droid Planner 2. I noticed that I had some problems with Pre alarm Velicity alarms High GPS hdop issues at first. I re-calibrated and removed the Velocity alarm. After 5 minutes the High GPS hdop came down to 2.5 and I was able to Arm the motors. I launched the Quad and noticed some twitching while in Stabilize. I was able to land and Disarm. Now I picked up the quad and held it over my head and Armed the Quad. I powered up to hover wile still maintaining hold of the Quad. The twitching was less pronounced. I did this again with the same results. I Disarmed and set the Quad on the ground. I armed the Quad in Stabilize and launched. for a short time I flew but the twitch came back and this time rocked out of control and flipped.

No all this said Please review my logs and help me figure out what I've done wrong.  I will be attaching pictures of the current build to help visualize the project.

Thanks in advance


2014-12-07 16-23-32.bin

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  • Hi did you find a solution to this issue?

    • Yes I did. It was a combination of tissues. I had to remove the vibration isolating motor mounts, replace the booms with 2mm thick ones, and had to increase the time for the barometer a climate to the temperature. It is flying pretty well now but I have some more work to do on the loiter PID'S.
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  • Opps also i am on Firmware 3.2

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