Some how what I think is a diode on the right side from the power jumper ( bottom left on the board just below the multiplexor) is missing. It must have gotten knocked of somehow. Can you please advise what the specs are of this component and what I can use to replace it with? Or an alternative hack or work around?

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here is the pic


You could short the diode position with a jumper wire, then the rx side would power the APM, but be carefull, and remove the jumper before connecting the USB.

That should work till you get a schottky 1A diode in there.

Maybe a switch for now?

I found this from a local supplier. Seems the right type?

That would work! It's a little bit larger, SMB instead of SMA. Tiny bit longer 4.3mm vs. 4.0 and a bit wide 2.3mm vs. 1.7mm.


yes I think it will still squeeze in there with a good dollop of solder. Ive just placed the order. Ill use a 7.4 lipo I have to power it in the mean time. Thanks a million for your help Keith.

I thought Ill try this as well just as an experiment. This 5v pcb trace from the USB feeds along to the 4th pin on the IMU shield that goes to the APM board which basically powers the whole unit when it just running off the USB cable. Ill try powering this from the 5v bec and see what happens. Not poof!! I hope..


Ok so far so good. I tried this out and it powers up the board fine. Ive not tried it with all peripherals plugged in, but its looking hopeful so far.  This is no different now than powering the board using the USB but instead I can do it using the BEC.

Just don't forget you can't power everything from the USB!
And I'd be concerned connecting both your main battery and the USB together, because of no diode protection. 

Yes I realise that Keith and I never connect the battery and USB together in any case

Also isn't the main reason you cant power everything from the USB is because most USB ports can out put that much current? This is why by design they have separated the power bus from USB power and not only for the board protection?. Where as in the case of my hack it has plenty of current coming from the BEC so it should have no issue to power the whole set from those points.

Sounds great! 
Let me know how it goes.

Is there a 3volt output on the APM1 board? I have some low power LEDs that run off 3vs I want to connect.

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