Missing overlay on GoPro Hero2 signal with MinimOSD

Hi guys,

I'm really sorry if this subject has been asked before but I cannot find the answer.

There goes.

If I connect my cheap china cam  (PAL) to the MinimOSD (v.1.1) everything is fine, the signal is overlayed by the data, but if I do the same with my GoPro Hero2's analog signal only the video is transmitted. No overlay at all. If I remove my video source the overlay appears on the gray background.

Any help?

Best regards


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Hi Andres,

I don't think the minimosd shows the home direction and distance if the APM2 hasn't got a GPS fix. Could that explain the behaviour?

Hi Michael and thanks to answer.At first I thinked this, I tryd it outside room, the GPS signal fixed, but home direction and distance missing and longnitude and latidude values was zeros.

Have you upgraded the firmware on the minimosd? If you have upgraded to 2.40 on your APM2 you should make sure that the minimosd is using the firmware with mavlink1.0

I use  Mission Planner 1.2.2 mav 1.0  and  ArduCam OSD Config-By Michael Oborne 0.5.4425.14358. Yes, I  upgraded firmwares several times, but now not sure, doing I right.

I upgraded OSD with  MinimOSD_19_MAV10.hex and APM do I must check...

"Have you upgraded the firmware on the minimosd? If you have upgraded to 2.40 on your APM2 you should make sure that the minimosd is using the firmware with mavlink1.0"


Michael, did You mean, that I must install to my PC Arduplane-2.40 (from DIY Drones download section)? 

No, in the APM planner there is an option called firmware. From here you can upgrade your firmware on the APM2 board. You should select the appropriate firmware for your airframe.

Oh sorry, yes, there is Arduplane v2.50 and I uploaded it

Now my ARM2 works! I  updated firmwares for ARM and OSD and its OK now.Yes. home direction arrow and home distance icon appears to screen when GPS signals founded  and locked.

Thanks Michael!

Hi Michael, i'm running into the exact same issue - did you manage to get this sorted, and how?

Hi Wesley,

I simply disconnected the voltage wire from the OSD to the GoPro.

Best regards


Thanks Michael,

I just checked back to provide a solution and saw your post (could've saved me a bit of time :)

Eventually did the same thing and problem solved for both my GoPro and Flir camera.

I also did some other things and not sure if it had an effect, I was getting desperate (and like I said, I should've checked back for you reply) - I tied the solder jumpers together to power from APM, also soldered the PAL jumper, set my GoPro to PAL and disconnected the voltage leads, but kept signal (obviously) and Ground in tact.

Now for some thermal night flying!

That is great for Michael B.'s resolution. I was hoping it would solve my situation too.

I've a similar setup but, with a Sony HAD 600tvl camera. When I've tested a DIY OSD the camera and OSD work well together. This setup I'm working is with the MinimOSD V.0.1 and the latest firmware "MinimOSD Extra Copter 2.3 Pre Release r605.hex". I've used the last several betas with the same results. The setup - MinimOSD powered with a separate switched BEC at 5V. The Video Tx and Camera are powered off a 3S Lipo which also powers the 5V BEC. Solder blobs connect both sides of the OSD board. No 12V power to the board. The video connection ground pins are ground to the Lipo (-). Same as the VTx and Camera. No power from the 12V devices connects to the OSD. Only Video signal is connected. I've changed NTSC/PAL with no effect. If I reset the board I do get white and black vertical stripes on the screen. This is from the OSD. When I push the OSD reset the picture goes blank then camera view. When the OSD reboots then the stripes. When I disconnect the Camera feed the screen is black with the OSD output clearly showing the Screen 2 of my format and 1/4 screen shift to the left. Note: The word "DISARMED" is flashing where Alarms are placed. When the camera is reconnected the vertical stripes reappear. Over a few minutes time the vertical stripes will change there amount of white and black. They start with white boarders then switch to mostly all black. They take up about 1/3 of the screen either just to the right of mid-screen and will sometimes shift to the left portion of the screen.

Maybe the camera output is too fast for the OSD? What is the HSYNC pad on the bottom of the MinimOSD used for ?

I re-flashed firmware, re-flashed different character sets and power cycled in various orders per forum posts too.

The camera picture is good.   Any solutions or suggestions?



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