Missing overlay on GoPro Hero2 signal with MinimOSD

Hi guys,

I'm really sorry if this subject has been asked before but I cannot find the answer.

There goes.

If I connect my cheap china cam  (PAL) to the MinimOSD (v.1.1) everything is fine, the signal is overlayed by the data, but if I do the same with my GoPro Hero2's analog signal only the video is transmitted. No overlay at all. If I remove my video source the overlay appears on the gray background.

Any help?

Best regards


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Hi guys,

Thank you for your suggestions, however it does not work :(

I've uploaded another video: http://youtu.be/okzYXiRHLFs

As mentioned in the video, get me a solution and I ship a beer (or two) to you!

Please ask me if you need to see anything I haven't covered in the videos.

Best regards

Michael Bojsen

Does it works if you push reset button on MinimOsd?

(I can't see your vid now. I am on phone.)

I've pressed the reset button a number of times after I've connected the different cameras.

Now i was able to check your video. 

So reset does not works? Hmmm.....

Don't use the middle wire from gopro. (+ wire)

That could case this. Only the white and black should go to minimosd.

Don't cut it yet, just pull it out from the plug. ;)

Hope it solves it.

i think Gábor is at the right way.

Like i saw on your Vid, your MinimOSD is separately powered by 12 V

You connect (i think so) a 12 V cheap chinese Camera ---> it works including Overlay

You connect a 3.7 V GoPro to the 12V powered MinimOSD and create a V conflict ---> only Vid, no Overlay

The solution is correct: cut the + cable of GoPro and connect only Ground and Signal to the MinimOSD.

I also work with a 7.2V Panasonic and a 12 V onboardcamera and switch between the 2 Cameras-

NO PROBLEM with the Overlay.

I'll hope Gábor's tip + my explanation will help you.

happy flying Rolf

It sounds like a good explanation, I'll try it later to day.

I'm gonna need you guys' addresses :-)

Send me an email: "my last name" at gmail.com

By disconnecting the supply on the GoPro cable it just works :)

Thank you so much for your help :-)

I'm glad it does now! ;)

Are you using the stock code in your MinimOsd?

My email is gabek at t-email.hu

Yes, stock code base :-)

I am also very happy, that it works now.

My email is info at coptermovie.tv

I too was having a very similar issue, but with my FPV camera (decent readymadeRC RMRC-600XV.

Found by putting a momentary push-to-break button in the +12v line between the MinimOSD and the camera, I only had to tap it a few times, and it loads up. Not a fix as such, but certainly a work around that I'm happy with.

Thanks to Michael for posting up this issue, as well as Rolf and Gabor for helping to resolve it. Legends!

See it briefly in my video below:


Hello from Estonia, I was looking, on Your OSD layout, there is missing home direction arrow and home distance icon.I started built up my FPV airplane too and  have a ARM 2 +minimosd.And here is the same problem, .On ArduCAM OSD Config tool (on my computer), there are home direction arrow and home distance icon, but they missing on OSD layout.Please, can anybody, what is problem?Thanks!

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