Missing overlay on GoPro Hero2 signal with MinimOSD

Hi guys,

I'm really sorry if this subject has been asked before but I cannot find the answer.

There goes.

If I connect my cheap china cam  (PAL) to the MinimOSD (v.1.1) everything is fine, the signal is overlayed by the data, but if I do the same with my GoPro Hero2's analog signal only the video is transmitted. No overlay at all. If I remove my video source the overlay appears on the gray background.

Any help?

Best regards


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Hi Michael

I am having the same problem. I am using APM2.5 with OSD 2.2Extra; Turnigy NTSC Cam 12V. get everything working

I disconnect the cheap cam, and connecting only ground and video of GOPRO black3 (NTSC no). The results is very good video feed without data overlay. Order of powering no matter, I have tried all combinations. rest not help

Any suggestions?






After reading some woo do story about dancing with the camera, I decided to have a try. It works. I wonder way!!!

So I connect the GoPro3 directly to the OSD and it works

I connect it via extension cable it doesn't work with the GoPro while it works with Turnigy Cam.

I replaced the type of the extension cable and now it is working for both.

Hello , I'm having the same problem of image expansion with minimosd , but in my case I have not used the voltage 12v , I did the soldering in minimosd to use the voltage Pixhawk . I tried a bit of everything still did not get hit with the OSD information in GoPro . would you have some procedure like leaving everything ok ? Hug .

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