Hey all, I've updated my MP to V1.2.29 and I don't seem to be able to find some params. I can't remember what they were called but I definately changed them. One was the height the vehicle rose to before performing RTL and the other was what it done when it reached home, eg. loiter or land? Any ideas or am I just missing it somewhere. Cheers

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it should display in the standard params screen

No, still can't see it? From what I remember it was one param that you set to a loiter height (eg. 2 for 2m) or set it to zero to land. Can't for the life of me see it now, and I think I set it to land following a RTL but wanted to check and test.

I noticed the same thing and had to uninstall and go back to the previous version.  The first two standard params of RTL height when it is traveling back to launch and then the one about what height it ends up at are missing, and then at the end of the list there's one missing where it set the radius of loiter.  There are a bunch of neat new looking parameters but I rely too much on the three I couldn't find to do without them.

Let's hope the Devs have noticed and put them back in :)

ive had a look and those params are still there, under standard params. the first 2 options. What do you see first?


I've uinstalled the latest one now and gone back to the version I had before (1.2.26) I did look in the standard params when you said but couldn't see the at all. When I get chance, I'll upgrade again and reply



Here's a screenshot of the first and last of the standard param list with .29

ACRO Axis and Battery Current sensing pin are the first two and the last two are Channel 6 Tuning and Waypoint Radius.

They have been RTL Altitude and RTL Approach Altitude at the first of the list and Waypoint Loiter Radius and Waypoint Radius at the end of the list in previous versions.  Three of those except the last one are missing for me.

can you force mp to do an update

goto help > update

and see if it fixes itself

Aah, I uninstalled, rebooted, and installed .29 from scratch instead of letting it auto upgrade and now it's like it was. 

But... now all the neat new stuff I was seeing when it upgraded is gone, there was something like maximum height and other stuff I had never seen before and don't see anymore.

This is what is so weird, I uninstalled .29, installed .27 from scratch, then went to help>update and let it update to .29 again and as before I'm missing the RTL altitudes at the beginning and Loiter Radius as second to last.  But what's even weirder is almost all the parameters are different, like what I figured was new stuff like Maximum Altitude, Minimum Altitude, a bunch of Channel settings, etc. are only there when I upgrade (and I'm missing a lot of the old parameters) and then the parameter list is the way I've always seen it if I do a fresh install yet there isn't any of what I thought was new stuff like the altitude limits.

Is the altitude limit stuff supposed to be new in addition to all the old stuff or was it always supposed to be there, or is it an error that it even shows up for a quad?

Here's a shot just some of what shows up after updating vs. fresh install.

ok think ive figured it out.


when you updte the mp is pulls the latest config. ie for Arducopter 2.9 which isnt released yet. (those options have been renamed in 2.9)

when you install from the msi that is actualy using the correct one, for the current release.

That makes sense, so what we're seeing if you update is kind of a sneak peek of what's to come?  Would those parameters like maximum and minimum altitude even work at this point?  (I'm guessing not).  And lastly, does that mean we will in fact lose what we know now as RTL Alt., RTL Approach Alt., and WP Loiter Radius? 

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