Howdy All,

I have been learning Mission Planner and am now at the point of trying an actual mission, and I have a couple of basic (as in obvious to the experienced user)...

I have a mission all set up with 4 waypoints, the first being near where I intend to arm the hex.

1. Do I need to start the mission by having the "Auto" mode as a flight mode, or can I click "Auto" on DroidPlanner, or both?

1. If I place the hex other than exactly at that first waypoint spot, what happens when I start the mission?  Will it fly to that first waypoint and continue on with the mission?

2.. If I am already flying within or near the waypoints area, what happens when I start the mission?  Will it fly to the first waypoint and complete the mission?

3.  To abort the mission and bring the hex back can I just flip into RTH at any time during the mission?

That's it, pretty basic, and thank you in advance for any help!@@



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1) You can do both.   Some advise : for a first mission I would first take off manually in stabilise. Then at 15m altitude orso I would switch into alt hold and test if the copter holds ok.  Then I'd switch into loiter and watch if the copter stays in its place without circling (toiletbowling).  Then I'd switch into auto mode and keep a close eye on the copter, being ready to switch back into althold or stabilise if it doesn't move into the direction of the first waypoint.

On later missions, make your first waypoint a "takeoff" waypoint and specifiy a correct altitude (like 20m orso).  Then the copter will first takeoff straight up until 20m and then start towards its first real waypoint.

To let the copter takeoff by itself, arm it, switch into auto and then move the throttle (doesn't matter how much).  It will takeoff if it's armed, auto mode is selected AND throttle is NOT 0.

2) yes, but a much safer bet is to make you first waypoint a "takeoff" waypoint.  Then the copter will takeoff straight up and then head towards its next waypoint.

3) Copter will handle the waypoints in sequence.  If you start within the reach of any waypoint other then the first, it will first fly to waypoint 1 (or whatever waypoint was the target when you interrupted a previous mission).  Copter will load a waypoint as target and consider it reached when it is inside it's radius.  then it loads the next waypoint as target, fly to it and consider it reached when it reaches it's radius.  If the copter passes trough a waypoint that is not the current target, it will not consider that waypoint reached.

4) Yes, if you have good GPS lock at least.  Better is to always be ready to flip into althold or stabilise and bring it back manually.

A1a: You can pick Auto at anytime, and the mission will continue from the current wp, This will be WP1 if it's you first mission. If you stop a mission part way through, it will be Wp that you interrupted the mission at. You can set the current waypoint in some GCS

A1b: Yes is the simple answer. If you use a takeoff waypoint, it will just takeoff from where it is to the set alt, then head for the next WP

A2: It will fly to the current waypoint, (see answer above)

A3: Yes, RTL will override AUTO. 

Hey fellows,

Thank you for the replies!

I get the gist of how it is supposed to behave...

So in practice, say I create a mission in MP at home and copy it to Droid Planner, and when I get to the field I load the mission into Droid Planner. I have planned a simple pattern the first waypoint being my intended arming location, so my question is:

If my actual position at arming, the home position, is a little bit different from my first takeoff waypoint,in the loaded mission, what happens then?



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