Hello together, sorry for my Bad English

I have Problems with Mission witch have more then 5 Waypoints, before i start my Multicopter, ich creat the Route on the PC. After this i power the AP2.5 and send the Waypoints to the AP (Xbee), start the engine -> Stable -> Auto.

You can see that the AP fly the first 6 Waypoints correct, 

after the 7. it fixt the way to the 8.  but it never came to the 8. Waypoint after a time he will fix the 9.

I Stopt the Automode and switcht to the RTL Mode but the copter has crasht into the grassland.

In the Log i have more than 8 GPS Stelits, The Ap Version is 2.9.1b

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Do pu have logs? Could be a compass issue.

Yes here are the logs

Not sure the distance between your waypoints are, but they can't be to close or you'll have problems. There is also a radius around a waypoint and if that causes overlap you'll have problems.

Te Waypoint radius is 2m, but the overlap are not witch next. it is at 1 and 14. or  6 and 12.

It was the MAG thanks

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