I am have problems with several items in the new Mission planner.

When I attempt to load new firmware I am getting verify errors reported from the APM 2.5 board.

When I connect an exsisting working APM 2.5 board the Mission planner reports:

(a)  Bad GPS Health

(b) The status shows no satellites found.


When the same equipment is used under Mission Planner 75  every thing is working OK

And all status information is OK

Regards David

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what fw do you have on the apm?

Hi Michael,

The firmware I tried to install was Ardu-plane 2.74b

The mission Planner version 75 loaded  this firmware install with out any problems.

I connected by radio data link on Mission Planner 75 and the APM 's status was good, and got full GPS lock with 7 satellites.

Back on the Mission planner 82 status showed only 1 satellite captured and " Bad GPS Health."

I am using two computer one with version 75 and the another with version 82


are you sure its not a usb power issue.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the feedback, I now believe you were right in that I have an after market USB 3.0 adapter fitted to the computer that is giving problems. The voltage output of USB is good but I am seeing mavlink down to 50% at times.


while connected to usb it should be 99-100 % constantly. definitely sounds like the problem


I have a similar problem with my full up PX4. Even using a powered USB Hub the voltage on the GPS is only 4.6vdc and the GPS goes from 0 sat to 4 sats and back to 0 periodically. Switching to battery power and using my 3DR telemetry radio I get a solid 5vdc on the GPS and more than 6 stas inside in a short time. Not all USB ports can handle an APM with a full set of accessories.




I have the same problem (Mavlink is 100%), However when uploading FW 2.75beta3, it disappear


I have the similar problems with apm 2.5, fw  Plane 2.74b

1. Bad GPS Health

2. Bad compass Health

3. The number of satellites varies from 0-9.

Does anyone know why?


Best regards,

Cosmin Miscu

Same to me with the "Bad GPS Health"

It showed the first time after the mission planner update.

It is a "new from the box" APM 2.5  original from 3DR.


I am using a powered USB HUB with my full up APM2.6 and the voltage reading on the GPS/Compass module was just under 5vdc. At best this voltage reading is marginal, however I am seeing 8 stas and I am indoors.

Now I know if I power the APM from my laptop, the voltage will drop to about 4.5vdc which causes the GPS to periodically get a 3D lock and then loose it. I have watched the satellite number go from 0 to 5 - 6 and back to 0 until the GPS had been on for about 1/2 hour and then I was only getting 5 sats indoors at 4.5 - 4.6vdc.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

I also had the same problem, got a "bad gps health" message on HUD when I fly with auto mode though at the time I got 9 3D  fix satelite, my quad  fly out of the track very quickly towards the ground, lucky I can still control it manually. I will share the video log later.

what the problem is? is it any problem with my GPS or it is just satelite problem??



here is my video log when I got "Bad Gps Health" when I fly in auto mode three days ago, I think this is very serious problem.

I often got this problem since I install arducopter firmware version 3.1 rc.7 and rc.8. and until now I still got this problem sometime when I fly.


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