I am have problems with several items in the new Mission planner.

When I attempt to load new firmware I am getting verify errors reported from the APM 2.5 board.

When I connect an exsisting working APM 2.5 board the Mission planner reports:

(a)  Bad GPS Health

(b) The status shows no satellites found.


When the same equipment is used under Mission Planner 75  every thing is working OK

And all status information is OK

Regards David

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do you have a tlog?

yes, this tlog I take from my laptop, not from ardu board.

thanks in advance michael.



your gps hdop jumps from 2 to 6. so the error message is valid.

so what it mean? is it error form satelite data or error from my gps (my gps broken)?

hdop is a measure of the gps health. this is whats refered to as a gps glitch.

I've been having the same problems and readings, I talked to the guys at 3dr and they told me to buy a new gps, Still the same issue. It was two or three updates ago that the problem started.

I was using this system in a competition but will have to re-tool now.

make sure your telemetry radio is nor close to your gps.


I believe there is an error in the HUD attitude computations in Mission Planner.  HUD attitude must reflect the attitude of the craft without input of trim.  When I change the AHRS_Trim_X or AHRS_TRIM_Y in the advanced parameters list the HUD attitude changes.  This is problematic for the following reason:

After doing an AUTO TRIM these parameter values are changed which is good but this in turn changes the HUD display not good.  

So let's assume that the APM is exactly level relative to the copter frame and the ACC calibration has been done and when the copter is level the HUD display indicates level too. This is usually the case.  Perfect so far.  

Now we go flying in calm wind and find that the copter moves in either x or y so we do an "AUTO TRIM".  This results in the AHRS_TRIM_X and AHRS_TRIM_Y being over written which is good.  The copter now flies nicely in hover holding position in x and y no wind condition but the HUD display is tilted.  Not good - both confusing to full scale pilots and results in poorly flown craft in FPV.  Simply remove the AHRS_TRIM_X and AHRS_TRIM_Y values from the HUD attitude computations. 

Great service you provide to us all.  Could not do what I do without Mission Planner.




MP does no adjusttment to the attitude, and only displays what the autopilot tells it.

so you have most likerly a vibration issue, causing the arhs to be out.


please read the wiki about identifying your vibration issue.


Thanks for the response but - I am not flying nor are any of the motors running thus vibrations are not the issue.  Please try the following to see the problem:

After calibrating the acelerometers, place the copter or aircraft on your fairly level desk and not running just setting there thus no vibrations at all.  Go to the HUD display on your Flight Data Screen.  If the desk is level, the attitude indicator bank should indicate no bank ie level.  Mine showed no bank angle so good so far.  

Now go into your Configuration and change AHRS_Trim_X to 0.17 radians which is about 10 degrees of trim required to keep the craft level in flight. This would simulate an out of trim or poorly balanced copter or airplane. Now take a look at the bank on the HUD attitude indicator and you will see that the bank is at ~10 degrees.  Yet your aircraft is still setting level on your desk.  

The attitude indicator must not take into account any of the trim AHRS settings for pitch, yaw, or bank!  Please read the earlier post more carefully.  If the APM is providing you pitch, roll and yaw perhaps it includes the trim offsets.  If it does then you must back them out using the AHARS trim settings!

If you wish to discuss this offline my E-mail is Jim@JBFrantz.com.  And if you want some humor after this serious discussion - see the video link first flying a German hexa copter with a bad bearing and later my APM2.5 quad (last in a series of videos) demonstrating your well done Mission Planner for the old Wiki.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dl1UaoxP3JU  

Please take another look - maybe I didn't explain it well the first time around.




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