Dear all,

Thanks for reading this issue, I'm using PixHawk and Mission same version on both Tarot650 and Tarot680.

Actually impossible to retrieve on my Tarot650 DataFlash Log through General Menu - "Download DataFlash Logs via MavLink. While Still fine on my Tarot680.

Please see Pics attached:

a) Error Receiving List

b) Nothing to Download

c) MicroSD Content

d) Log BitMask

e) Version

So it seems like Mission Planner has lost the Path to retrieve throught Download DataFlash Log Files Menu. But still working through the Terminal Interface.

Already reinstalled Mission Planner and Arcucopter 3.2 (No problems at all to connect through USB and/or Telemetry either.

Is anyone has faced this issue and/or have any idea to help l will be very gratefull

Thank you for your understanding, please feel free to ask for any complementaries details.



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DF over mavlink is not supported on the version of copter you are running.

Hi Michael

Thank you so much for this information.

Although so far was compliant to download logs cause it works fine with my other Tarot 680

Would you mind tell me which ver. does support DF over MavLink

Thank you in Advance



is it 3.2.1 or 3.2 on the other vechile?

Hi Michael,

I do confirm my Copters are 3.2.1 for both


Hi Michael,
I'm facing exactly the same problem as Claude - my vehicle (RC submarine) runs the arducopter 3.2.1 version. I can still access the t-logs via smartphone and droidplanner 2.0. Is there any solution beyond ging back to ancient versions of arducopter - which is undesireable for other reasons?

Regards - Theo

Guys I have the same issue with my CX20 "error receiving log list" Does anyone know what the problem is ? I can access telemetry files but when I try to download dataflash logs I get the error message.

the cx20 doesn't support download over mavlink. the arducopter version on it is to old.

Thanks Michael for replying to my question. I have really unstable GPS modes and wanted to know what is causing these issues. So I can't access Dataflash logs and have no live telemetry set up so does this mean I have no way of identifying the problems I have with unstable GPS modes. Manual flying is excellent but when switching to Alt hold, Loiter or RTH the CX20 is very unstable.

P.S. my CX20 is the open source version

Try get log files via Terminal.

Check if your compass is still  fixed ( inside the shell ). If loose - that's your answer, maybe.

Thanks for reply Fred. I have mission planner working on version 3.2.1 and working well but with Command Line Interface within Terminal is now disabled with APM boards running firmware 3.2.1. Compass is firmly in place ok and out of the way from motors etc. Can I use terminal in older version of Mission Planner ?

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