I am trying to set up a process to correlate GoPro video taken from a vehicle (quad or fixed wing) on an  autonomous search and rescue mission with the mission conduct as displayed by the mission planning program in the window to the right of the HUD.  I see i can record the HUD video to a .avi file but i need to record the mission "view" window to the right of the HUD as well.  Is there a way to record that?  If I can't do that I need to display either time of day or lat long on the HUD to be able to do the correlation process.  Any ideas?



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i have been trying to find somewhere that i can get "time" of any kind to allow me to correlate the APM data to real world events outside the APM.  i see lots of discussion from lots of folks who seem to be looking for the same type of thing but i don't see any solution.  am i looking for something that just isn't available?  it seems since GPS is based on "time" it would be available somewhere - what am i missing?


If I understand correctly you are trying to capture overlay and the MP screens at the same time?

Fraps would let you record the entire screen capturing everything.

If you are not familiar with fraps it is used a lot in the gaming world to capture sessions.

Dennis, In the GPS log entry there are 'TimeMS' and 'Week' fields. If you divide the TimeMS field by 1000 you can use these two numbers to calculate the UTC time. Here is an online

converter: http://www.labsat.co.uk/index.php/en/gps-time-calculator

Use your 'Week' figure for the 'GPS Week' and the 'TimeMS/1000' fiugure for 'GPS Seconds of Week' fields.

thanks....  i wonder why it is sooo hard to find these things out?  looking through the blogs and internet in general i find i am not the only one looking for a solution to this issue.  


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