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Would it be possible for you to put human friendly times accross the top of the dataflash graphs? Please leave the line numbers there.

While I am at it , could you please make it so that when you move your mouse cursor across the graph, the tip of the cursor displays a crosshair accross the comple witdh and height of the graph, to make it easier to read of line numbers and values..



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please post a log. so I have something to work with.

Bjorn that's a great point you bring up there with that mission planning estimation.

Maybe be some kind of calibration mission with standardized maneuvers would help to determine power consumption as a baseline for mission planning. Would be very interested in that. 

Hi Michael

Please check out the attached graph. when you graph 2 things, the labels all jump to the middle.

I think im only checking the left axis. looks  like I might need to check the right as well

Great Michael,

Attached the appropriate Param File and the Dataflash Logfile and on top the Log setting

Kind regards, Otto


We would never be able to have this 100% correct, but an good estimate would be handy :)

Maybe also have a function saying that if the copter needs to increase throttle 15% above the throttle used during mission start to maintain height, you will get an warning? Both aural and on screen?

Another option might be to have an averege value of all motor signals? Updated once a second or something? The averege value will increase when the batteries are starting to fade away, so just having it on the HUD (like sat-count or other user items) would be handy. Maybe a bar moving along the R/H or L/H edge of the screen? Going red if the value goes 10% above the value needed initially for auto with max climb?

(Because mine did literally fall out of the sky last night when I was testing the flight times and distance, which works perfectly now! :) )

Hi  :)

I have another "problem" when i fly my X8 in Cruise mode using a Joystick/gamepad flying on the live video from my airplane on a 3g connection. When i'm out of range from my RC controller, the Mode input gets crazy and switches between Manual, Stab, RTL and so on all the time. This doesn't happen when in Auto mode where it finishes its route. Can Cruise mode be the same as Auto in that manner please?? :)


If the fail safe's are turned off why would cruise mode go crazy when out of RC Range?

Because the Failsafe IS turned off.

When the reciever doesn't get any exact signal it will be floating and switch between all defined modes in MP. If i had FS turned on, it wouldn't be a problem, but i want to fly longer than the Rx can reach.

Okay, so to clarify.  Everything works fine if the failsafe is set to Auto?  That means when you go out of Rx range it will stay in Auto mode.

A tuning graph would be great for arducopter, all the required things like z-axis or compass drift, with recommended values. One click for all the important features. 

Also, could someone please, please port mission planner to the latest version of OSX.

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