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Would it be possible for you to put human friendly times accross the top of the dataflash graphs? Please leave the line numbers there.

While I am at it , could you please make it so that when you move your mouse cursor across the graph, the tip of the cursor displays a crosshair accross the comple witdh and height of the graph, to make it easier to read of line numbers and values..



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It would be really useful if GPS format can be changed from the settings to use deg/min/sec. 

If it's open season for feature requests, there are two I'd love -

First, since I have four different APM craft it'd be great if I could name them - and those names would go into both types of logs.  I have a really hard time keeping them separate, especially if I fly multiple craft during an outing.

Second, please get rid of the requirement to change formats for flash logs depending on Plane, Copter, Rover.  Or force us to confirm which type it is at the beginning of the downloads.  I have an APM plane and three multicopters.  I always download the flash logs, then clear the memory.  Then a few hours later realize I didn't change the type between plane and copter.

I suspect both of these requests are beyond the scope of just the MP.


PS - and not quite a request, but an encouragement to provide more voice output - airspeed (periodic or as an alert), climb/drop rates, mAh battery used - just a few ideas.

As everyone is posting their feature requests I thought I might contribute.

Is it possible to add a feature that allows the addition of overlays to the maps. This would be particularly useful when it comes to avoiding airspace etc.

In addition to this maybe allow a set of waypoints (for frequently used points) to be added, that aren't apart of a mission, that mission waypoints can be snapped to.

Ya, I saw this and can't wait to try it. Has anyone posted anything on how to set it up, either via the mission planner or the compiler? I am currently scanning mission planner to try and find it. Is something similar also implemented on the arduplane? It looks like you used the set_servo command in mission planner. 

Is there a way to increase altitude of all waypoint while it is flying in Auto mode?


Failsafe with low battery Limit is difficult, because: Flat discharge courve, variying with current consumption . RTH could be to early or to late. (Red line in the Picture)

My Proposition: Selectable remaining battery capacity i.e. 30% to start failafe . This variable does already exist and the calculation of mAh with the power module is verry accurate (+-2%)

Kind regards, Otto

I've been using the MP for a long time now.  The majority of my field use is on a CF-19 toughbook which has a maximum resolution of 1024x768.  This works well most of the time but due the to its low resolution some of MPs functions are clipped off the screen including the COM port selection box.  This means I can't change my connection method from one port to another (or even select auto).  This has been a problem when I've needed to reflash in the field.

I have tried un-maximizing the window and then resizing it by placing part of it off screen and increasing its width in an effort to gain access to the hidden controls but MP appears not to allow you to resize its window any bigger than the screen resolution.

I'm sure all the functionality used to be available on a 1024x768 window but somewhere along the upgrade path its been lost. This is  a blocker for using MP at lower resolutions.

Is there any chance of getting this fixed or even having a config setting somewhere where we can temporarily alter the MP resolution if we need to change settings?  I'm sure I'm not the only one using a smaller, more portable device.

Many thanks and great work.


AHH!!! That's the problem, you aren't the only ;)

I run MP on an EeePC 901 which has a screen size of 1024x600.  I did a clean install of XP the other day, and loaded MP 1.2.85, it fit perfectly.

Here is a screen shot of the latest 1.2.86 without maximizing the MP screen:


Per the wiki on http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/flight-modes/simpleandsuper-simple... :

Use a 3 position switch to select Normal, Simple or Super Simple Mode
A two position switch will select between Normal and either Simple or Super Simple operation as illustrated below.
* In Mission Planner select either channel 7 or channel 8 and then select either “Simple Mode” or “Super Simple Mode”.
Warning! The 3 Position Switch Option will not be available until version 3.1 of the Arducopter firmware.
* A 3 position switch connected to either Ch7 or Ch8 will select between Normal, Simple and Super Simple Modes.

If possible, I'd like to have MP vocalize when the 2 or 3 position switch changes the mode.  Having it display in the HUD would also help a lot.



This is mine.  Its running at 1024x768 and if I unmaximise the window and then try and drag its right hand edge right to increase the width it won't expand beyond 768 pixels.  As you can see,  I have no access to the COM port settings like this.  I'm not sure if this is down to the width or something else.  There appears to be enough room to accommodate the select boxes.


Was anyone able to solve the issue with the screen resolution? I loaded MP on a Toughbook CF-30 and the screen fit 1024 x 768. I don't know how or why, but I have the same issue as Jon C. 

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