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Would it be possible for you to put human friendly times accross the top of the dataflash graphs? Please leave the line numbers there.

While I am at it , could you please make it so that when you move your mouse cursor across the graph, the tip of the cursor displays a crosshair accross the comple witdh and height of the graph, to make it easier to read of line numbers and values..



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change your font size in control panel back to normal (100%)

Thanks, that solved the problem.

Three items:

When a heartbeat is not received after 'x' seconds, Mission Planner would try to reconnect using a different protocol (from a user-defined list).

Mission Planner sets a flag when the program is first booted, and loads all parameters when it CONNECTs, then clears the flag and stores the SYSID.  After that, if a re-connect is requested and the flag is cleared and the SYSID has not changed, MP would not download all parameters.  This goes with my first request and would prevent a complete reload of parameters after redundant communication had been established.

Another protocol - SSH, should be added to tcp, udp and udpcl.   The use of SSH adds security to the connection without going through a proxy or dealing with port forwarding.

And also a command-line startup of MP where i at least can wait for UDP 14550 and fullscreen :)

Gentlemen, this is a very old list. Feature requests are now being tracked at https://github.com/ArduPilot/MissionPlanner/issues?q=is%3Aopen+is%3...

Please repost.

Thank you

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