posting my first and hopefully not last post, not sure if i've found the right place, 

Attempting to sort mission planner with the apm 2.5 on my mac, has anyone had any success, i have been looking into Qgroundcontrol for mac as it works with mavlink but still undecided, 

happy flying, 


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I run VM Fusion and Windows XP on my Mac to access the mission planner. I find having a copy of Windows is handy since there are other programs that help in all sorts of ways.
Good Luck and Happy New Year,

I agree with Richard,

Fusion on the Mac is the best solution I have come across, especially as you can run in 'Unity' and just have the app running without the windoze desktop. 

Running Win7 at the moment and everything works well (enough) although it would be better native Mac.

Been developing on Apple for 30 years so I am a bit biased :-)

Parallels works OK too, for mission planner running on win 7, can also do no win background, though I prefer to run windows on a second virtual desktop (space?) and not use "coherence". 

thanks heaps guys, i was originally runnign xp pro with parrelells but ran into major problems, will have alook at VM fusion 

Also check out Virtual Box, as it is open source and free to use see

Plus one for VirtualBox in general, I use it very frequently with Linux. Though I haven't tried using it with the Mission Planner and connecting to the APM.

I did find VirtualBox a bit fiddly with drivers and not as transparent to the serial and USB ports as Fusion.

If you use something like Linux then it's setup and feeding is probably fine as you are used to tweaking this and that to keep things working, but I needed a VM that just ran and did the job (I was a contract developer at the time I went through all the VM's available looking for a solid one once MS bought and killed off Virtual PC).

Fusion is the most Mac like VM that I could find.

If I install Xplane on my mac will it be able to connect to the mission planner running in VM Fusion on the same mac?


yes - but you'll need to be careful about the network config of the VM (to avoid having the VM make a NAT).

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