hi Everyone, 

Has anyone tried using mission planner for windows 10 with success ? 

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I had sucess on my tablet and on my laptop...think it's safe to upgrade OS ;-)

I have....I put it on a little Netbook.  MP seems to run just fine.  I haven't taken it out to the field but did have the quad connected via the USB port while sitting on the bench.  Everything looked normal.  Haven't tried the 915 Mhz USB telemetry radio yet.

thanks for the reply guys. My concern has been when installing it fails to install the drivers. see pic. not sure why. 

On my desktop it works as before. But on my notebook it no longer works. It hangs at the start up screen.

I tried to reinstall latest and got the same cannot install driver issues as you show Tony.

Funny really when it worked perfectly before and all the drivers show as installed.

Not sure is NETframework is an issue ???


What i am trying now is installing a fresh copy of windows 10. I think if you just upgrade from windows 8 to 10 you might have issues. I will try and see if that fixes the driver issue.
That will be interesting. Both my computers were win8 to win10 upgrades. Why one worked and not the other I don't know. Look forward to seeing how you go.

FWIW, mine was a Windows 7 to 10 upgrade.  

Right Click the Shortcut and "Run as Administrator"

Mine hangs on the splash screen sometimes too. Admin run works in my case.

I upgraded my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet yesterday from 8.1 to 10. After overcoming an issue with the upgrade process (screen went dark and tablet froze after hitting the 100% mark requiring a forced reboot) it seemed to go well. When I launched Mission Planner it popped up, then I got thrown back to the Win Start screen. Did it again and the same thing happened. I tapped on the new Application Switcher icon and saw two instances of MP running. I shut down both of the instances and tried it again and the same thing happened.  I also saw momentary flashes of the Win 7 style Desktop but couldn’t figure out how to get to it.

After some research I discovered that you need to go to “Settings”, then “System”, then “Tablet Mode” and turn off “Make Windows touch friendly” along with changing “When I sign in” to “Go to the desktop”. Once that was done the desktop appeared and Mission Planner launched normally. My understanding is that this option is not available on tablets smaller than 8 inches. If yours is a small tablet you need to use the App Switcher to get to MP.

I had the same problem with the drivers failing to load last week updating MP on Win 8.1. A post from Michael on another thread said “drivers are failing because of a Linux/windows line ending issue”. In my case I don’t plug anything into the tablet other than a telemetry receiver so it’s not a problem.

Just a note here to say I had the same (driver fail) install issue as Tony.

I didn't "solve it" as such but found a work around. I installed the Arduino SDK which comes with drivers for the mega (which is what those particular APM boards are) and that worked fine.  Somewhere along the line the telemetry board started working too. Not sure if this was as a result of the Arduino software or not.

re the suggestion of running from admin mode. Annoyingly the Mission Planner install is a .msi file so isn't right-click-able "run as" like .exe's are.  I tried running it from an elevated command prompt though... not sure that it made a difference. The drivers didn't install though like that either.

So yeh... arduino software is a work around https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software


I have the same issue. No drivesr installed.  Is there  solution?

Thanks Johnny for the input. I will try that because I have had no luck even with a clean install of windows 10.

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