Mission Planner Install on Windows 8

Hi all, just starting out with all of this so forgive me if I've missed a post that already covered my issues...


I've been a mac user for years, and just picked up a small acer laptop running windows 8. I've been trying to install the Mission Planner for a couple of hours now, and it won't go. The installer runs most of the way through, then the progress bar runs backwards and it says it encountered an error. The really irritating bit, is that it doesn't specify what the error is.


Things I've already tried:

I have installed the latest .net 4.5 framework, which just returns a prompt stating that it's already there. I tried to install 3.5 as well as I read a reply on another post that said that the two can co-exist. When I run the installer for 3.5 I get the prompt that asks for permission to alter the comp etc, but after that nothing happens.


I have also followed the steps outlined here:


although as I currently understand it, this should only affect the ability to communicate with the APM once Mission Planner is running.

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  • After following the steps you referenced I was able to get the driver installed however I'm still having one problem and was wondering if anyone else is?


    When I try to load the parameters for a Bixler I hit the Load button from the Config screen and the Mission Planner freezes.  I have to go into the Task Manager to shut the program.  I don't ever get the new window that asks where the parameter file is located.


    On my Win 7 machine the operation acts as expected and I'm able to load up the parameter file but I'm curious if anyone else is seeing this behavior in Windows 8?



  • Developer

    i just uploaded a new msi that should install drivers and mission planner without any problems on windows 8


    I just downloaded version 1.2.18 of the mission planner, released earlier today, and it installs perfectly on my Win 8 machine. I've tested it by connecting via usb and 3DR telemetry, both work as usual. 

    It would be really great if someone that hasn't done any of the previously mentioned steps would try installing it and let us know if it worked. Or if you still have to do the drivers and .net etc...

    Thanks to Michael Oborne for getting the update out.

  • It appears you have found a solution for now, but did you try running the installer as an administrator?

    • Right click the installer and select "Run as administrator.."
  • I tried connecting W8 to my APM and gave up. Ended up reverting back to W7. From what I can tell Mission Planner tries to install the drivers needed to talk to the APM and dies from there. Could it be because the drivers are not signed? Either way I noticed if I copied Mission Planner from one computer to the W8 machine I could just double click the icon and it'd work. However because the drivers for APM were not installed I couldn't upload a mission. Again dead in the water...

    I'm personally holding off on W8 until some more development work can be done. Not only for Mission Planner but for some other applications I use on a daily basis. I'd just be nice to have Mission Planner and the APM working before the Surface Pro comes out. That tablet is a Intel based processor and runs 'normal Windows apps'. It'd make a awesome portable ground station! 

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