Hoping someone can help.

Mission Planner v1.3.38 connected to Pixhawk via USB

AC v3.3.1

MP Config/Tuning is not showing any values in Standard or Advanced Parameters pages. 

Flight Data screen is alive and looks ok Shows GPS Lock Position on Google map and Quick display shows expected values.

Calibrated Radio successfully but Flight Mode screen has no choices in drop down boxes i.e. Stabilize, Pos Hold RTL etc.

Full Parameter List is collapsed and doesn't show descriptions or options information. How do you get it to show 

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For me, re-installing the latest update (from MP -> Help tab -> Check for Updates) solved the problem.

Recommended by the man himself.


Thanks George, but no that didn't work for me 

I assume you are in windows hell, so delete the app first, (delete the program folder, and it's settings) then reinstall.  

if that does not work - update the unholy .NET mess.

Many thanks Andre, I'm not crazy after all.

Uninstalled MP then deleted the Folder "Mission Planner" in "Program Files (x86)" reinstalled MP and BINGO everything is back.

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