I am using a Pixhawk as an autopilot, and am using a FrSky Taranis Plus transmitter with a Delta 8 receiver. 

I have inserted the connectors in the CPPM/1 slot and put a bridge between pins 3 and 4. I have connected it to the Pixhawk using the RC in slot, and have then bound the transmitter and reciever in D8 mode. This has resulted in the receiver LEDs showing a solid red light and a flashing green light, indicating it has bound. When I try to calibrate the radio on Mission Planner there are no green bars showing. These green bars are supposed to indicate the position of the controls on the transmitter. 

I am not sure how to get this working so any help would be appreciated.

Things I have tried:

Re-installing Mission Planner.

Connecting the Pixhawk to my laptop using the telemetry set, and also with a cable.

With and without the bridge across pins 3 and 4.

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Unlike the APM you connect a PPM input to the Pixhawk on the pins marked "RC". Left most. No jumpers needed.

I get it, you were talking about the receiver pins. You remove the jumpers after binding right?

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