I have a couple questions to issues I have not been able to figure out.

Based on, I am running MissionPlanner 1.3.17 build 1.1.5472.17896 (PC version), and AC-3.2:

1)  Is there a way to view the .param files "offline" when I am not connected to my Pixhawk flight controller?  Sometimes I would like to look at my configuration files without having to connect to my multi-rotor that may be located somewhere different than my laptop.  I have saved the .param files to my computer, just haven't figured out how to look at them when "not connected".

2) When I am in the CONFIG/TUNING screen and I am looking at the "FULL PARAMETER" list, the lines alternate black and white on-screen.  The problem I have is that the text on the black lines is black, thus I cannot see half the settings.  I use "standard" windows colors by default on my computer.  The only way I can see the black text on the black lines is to change my personalization settings to a "high contrast".  I am running WIndows 7 64bit.  Is there a setting in MP that will enable viewing of the alternating black lines that have black text on them? 

3)  If flying in one of LOITER / ALT-HOLD / POS-HOLD, is it possible to create a situation where a quad or hex can descend faster than it can "recover" based on setting PILOT_ACCEL_Z and PILOT _VELZ_MAX improperly?  Situation, I was recently flying in POS_HOLD and my hex experienced a descent (and bumped the ground from about 40') faster than it could recover from when I "throttled-up".  My settings were PILOT_ACCEL_Z = 350, and PILOT_VELZ_MAX = 500.  Along with that, I had changed THR_DZ from 100 to 50.  My intent was to gain a little more responsive altitude adjustment when flying in POS_HOLD, but I think I over-did-it.  What are the default values for these settings, I think I may have to go back?

4) What are the default settings for SR0 (full list) and SR1 (full list), and what are their definitions?  I am running 3DR genuine MinimOSD on one channel and 3DR genuine Bluetooth module on the other channel.  I was having problems with Mavlink Data (flow) to my MinimOSD after recent firmware upgrade.  I figured out from another site what values I should use for SR0/1_EXTRA_1/2/3, but it would be nice to know what these items relate to.

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1) Please see my github issue from a year ago and lend your support there. https://github.com/diydrones/MissionPlanner/issues/166

2) Please see these related issues I posted: https://github.com/diydrones/MissionPlanner/issues/357
This is the one you are referring to, please start a new issue since this one was closed by Michael Oborne although it is not entirely fixed. https://github.com/diydrones/MissionPlanner/issues/427

Thanks iskess, seems to leave all items still open.  Some of the MP features seem reasonable (like opening a .param file offline, and line / text contrast).  I used to do a lot of Access database programming in the early 2000's, but now I'm a bit more of a hacking end-user when it comes to software.  I've kind of taken the approach that if I'm thinking about it now, someone has already thought about it before and addressed the issue (especially with most of this Open-Source stuff 1-2 years old), maybe not...

What I've been doing to look at parameters offline is to take a series of "screenshots" and past them to a 11x17 Word Doc, then print to .PDF.  At least I can see what I have...

It's a pain, but its my "hack" solution.


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