Mission Planner's Terminal tab just outputs garbled random characters in perpetuity. PICS

I have a 250Quad I just built, flys just fine.  All other aspects of mission planner work fine, but when I try to see any logs, all I get is endless streaming garbled after I hit connect.  It will never stop.  (I'll paste some in here at the end in case it means something, searchable, etc) 

I CAN get telemetry logs (.rlog and .tlog), somehow, they just appears in the default folder. But no .log's

When I try to get a Dataflash Log via this method, I get this: (error receiving log list)

It is HIGHLY likely I am just not doing something right, totally new here. I've reached the limits of what google and searching have found on this issue. Help!

MP 1.3.2 - 1.155430869

Init ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb)

Micro HKPilot Mega Micro Sized Flight Controller and Autopilot with...

APM Planner 2 just is empty. 

♦NOTE* Please click connect above
CLI Works only on first connect of power, log download only over USB
Newer versions only support log download via mavlink, please see the flightdata > dataflahs logsOpened com port
Init ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb)
Free RAM: 1995 FW Ver: 120
load_all took 28440us
3No dataflash inserted3Q?3Calibrating barometerz?QCA3barometer calibration complete3GROUND START?Init Gyro* Q?*
Ready to FLY <-;S9}uYD! ! !d
<-*P ublox >&W|a!=$}9?#U;=OO0qN:09b8pJ
R27v"D<-qFA~YDGZ /!/!/! Gc3uA#<-*28>X6$bF$ : 70 ?>B6; ! 0=[ $RAI! #"%e%=0@ 9@ 9b8p#J??) \>
#< | $W<0 : . ;%o&pr!7'Q0 7 (<-lI~) YDRh*/ ! / ! / ! LcQ+mY% , *#-GN6$$F!%??0.> n=?/0 !X!/=1$0I [?2 #*3>
<>5 '<JJ; 6C7zy8<-AEQ} 9YDGa: / ! / ! / !Dc;U<*L=PK6$F%&O?0c»wS?
FG?HQt?I<-8Y~qdJYYD\gK/!/!/!OcaLMM*N 8W7$F 97080 >V(hPhQ!T =?R$xY' S#p\TGy>ZO0T0 9b8UJ7?
Y<-$a~ZYD(;X[/!/!/! ?c\MN! ] *A_'8$FV: ?0W-»_>Hc'a!8$FVO>?b$aHc#kdJV>309n:b82eJz?z?Ga>
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9<0 90 9b8d} J5?5?»ocOCK9MB: ! :<S1HL%8Q?<-} ’ YDG x/! /! / !NbxMK*2; $F35B<I, >DbFk! sx<$?F I *A3' $?#A' A 'Dp>s?<0 9n: i : J\?\?\»'ocOCK9MB: -: T: !<H}p3S'd<-~ }x-)YDz C/! /! /! IbkM*3 (<$F 5Bm>|<-R! )<$F B$ 6 J#3# J) b J) p>' <0 T0 9! J #>
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The CLI has been removed from v3.2.1 to conserve memory space.

You can get the tlogs and data flash logs using MP Link



As I said in the post, I tried that method as well, that's where I get the error "error receiving log list"

I have the latest version, : 1.3.24 build 1.1.5574.33902 ArduCopter V3.2.1 (36b405fb) 

Any luck? I'm having the same issues while trying to download data flash logs over mavlink

What's your LOG_BITMASK setting? I was having the same problem in both terminal and through mavlink/data flash logs, I changed the setting to Default + IMU to get some vibration readings and the terminal option worked. The most recent set of default parameters I loaded left LOG_BITMASK empty.

That's the stupid thing, I can't write any new values for LOG_BITMASK's setting.  Even though it says it's successful updated parameters, and it writes without errors.  It's gotta just be a partially bad board because I have another identical Micro HKPilot Mega Micro Sized Flight Controller 2.7.2 and it CAN write figures to LOG_BITMASK and then I can download logs as usual.  Of course that board has it's own little unique problems too.  Ah, Hobbyking.  

Try doing what Justin said below. Let me know if you can't change those values. I want to know if I am unique in my problem with the board. 

Darrell, did you ever resolve this?

I have a new APM build. Running the most recent mission planner, plus 3.2.1 on a clone APM 2.8 board everything is peachy and the thing flies fine, GPS works all that good stuff, but I'm having the exact same problem you have here. Under terminal I cannot connect at all, it says what yours says. So I try going to dataflash logs and that doesn't work, either, with the same error you have.

I've googled about this but cannot find a resolution, as few people seem to be reporting the problem. I'm having a hard time believing my board is bad, since it does save settings, calibration, etc.

Now, this is all through USB. I don't have telemetry radios in place yet.

Admittedly, I've not yet done anything on the tab in the first response (at work now), and haven't fiddled with this:

I concluded it was just a board board as well. If you find out another way to get the logs off, lemme know and I'll do the same here too.  

I will. I figure the "Ah, Hobbyking" may have affected me, too, though I bought from Ebay. :) If I can get telemetry going shortly perhaps that will cover me for the most part.

OKay so same issue as you. I cannot save bitmask, it just defaults to disabled. If I change the setting and hit write params it says save was successful. If I then refresh params it appears there as well, but if I disconnect and reconnect and pull anew it's back to disabled. Interestingly I did actually get a single log to pull up (just 6 lines long), but it showed up and I could even load it. But that only worked once. Now bitmask is just always disabled.

I was able to save the RTL elevation.

Search for the cli_enable parameter, change it from 0 to 1, and access to terminal works.  It was not removed, it was disabled by default.

Search for the cli_enable parameter, change it from 0 to 1, and access to terminal works.  It was not removed, it was disabled by default.

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