Hi all ,

I am try to use flightgear simulation with MP to simulate my flight ,

maybe this way will allow me to solve problems I faced.

Compenents :

Mission planner v.1.3.32

Flightgear v.

Pix FMU+IO  (china pixhawk ) also ( APM 2.5 )

I followed by the instraction step by step  in the official web FlightGear Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

then I found some unknown problems ,

the 4th step is saying :

4-In the Firmware tab of the MP, choose ‘Pick previous firmware’, from the drop down list pick the 4th one down, firmware should show as Plane v2.68, then click ‘HIL Simulator | Plane’ to load the Plane firmware onto your APM.

there is just 2 option with v2.68 (AC 2.9.1 and AC 2.9 ) when I trying to load them and the select ‘HIL Simulator | Plane’ I face problem dialog below

Another problem is they are saying :

Connect to the APM, then open the Simulation tab of the Mission Planner
Check the FlightGear radio button, then click the ‘Start FG Plane’ button.
After FG has finished loading click the ‘Sim Link Start/Stop’ button in the MP

But in my mission planner I don't found the ‘Start FG Plane’ there is just start SITL and start Xplane !! as below :

What is the arduplane firmware version that is working and compatible with PIX fmu+io AND APM2.5 ?

Why the ‘Start FG Plane’ is not available in my mission planer ? should I install other version ? 

I try to search the web for that problems but it seems all are like me ,

Hope some one have solved that problem so it helps  many others .

BTW  which simulator is better and more useful from the MP sim lists ?


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hi,maybe you can install other ve



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