my problem while i try to create a survey grid via mission planner is, that if my copter fly this grid at each end point it will yaw 180°. my idea with a survey grid in conjunction with a copter would be a flight without yaw because a copter can fly in each direction. how can i say mission planner survey tool that i will create a survey grid without yawing the copter?

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Hallo Wolke,

Der Parameter ist WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR in der full parameter list.

Gruss aus Namibia



if i am understand this right in this case the copter never yaw in missions. but than also ROI do not work in other missions?

and which effect have http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/mission-command-list/#Condition-Yaw ? is this only one command between two way-points? or can i set a condition yaw for all later way-points which are defined after a Condition-Yaw?

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