Hi guys, i am building my ground station, today only use OSD Pro + LCD 10 inch, in future will use 2 lcds, each one with 10 inch, one will be in horizontal (Video feed from airplane) and another one will be tablet using windows 8 with Mission Planner, i want use this in vertical instead horizontal

For example this image: 

It is on horizontal, can i use it on vertical (instead 1280x720 use 720x1280) ? Will re-position all tools to fill all screen without lost any area ? Its possible ? Never found image in this position

Anybody here use mission planner with windows 8 tablet ?



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thanks Dave. I found an older version of the installation file which worked perfectly...then did an upgrade to current version. I think the MSI file has an download path for installation which was causing problems.

It isn't that Mission Planner doesn't work with RT.  It is that RT doesn't allow anything else to work.  That's the whole point. It's a dumbed down version of Windows that only allows a few select microsoft applications.  Nobody can make Windows RT compatible software.

If you bought a Windows RT device, that is your own fault for not researching the product first.  You bought a product that can't do anything by run dumbed down MS office products and surf the internet.  Sell it and buy a real Windows 8 product.

Thanks for your comment...no really! If you did your research then you would have realized that the Dell Venue 8 Pro runs Windows 8 (not RT). The issue as stated is with the structure of the .msi file. Generally software companies pay for valid certificates for their software. Open source is a little different because its free. No problem there is a work around for that.

As I have Mission Planner working perfectly on my tablet I'm a happy camper. It gives me more flexibility than the Droid style apps.

I have the Venue Pro 11.

Works very well. 

Touch screen is nice. 

Yes, it's true that Windows Surface with Windows 8 RT doesn't support Mission Planner or any other GCS.

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