Hi Michael

Is there an APM Mission Planner WIKI or a manual explaining the various screens and the functionality, syntax etc. of the myriad of things that can be done with this very impressive piece of software.


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What do you need or want  to know?  It's very user friendly.  The mission Planner changes  ,and or improves almost daily.  Just start using it and let this Forum act as your manual.  I update my MP every day.  This is theGreat part about DIY-Drones.  
Ive been using it for a few days now and i am getting to know my way around it but it is always nice to have a manual explaining things when you are not quite sure.


I agree.  Some documentation that states the purpose of each interface would be nice.  For example, what does the "Set Home Alt" button do?  When I click on the "Set Home Alt" button the altimeter reading and "Home Location" altitude changes alternately to a + and - altitude and each is much greater than the last.  Personally, I think it's broken but maybe I just don't understand how to use it.  If we have a better understanding on how each item is intended to work then we can more accurately report bugs or better yet, not report bugs which are actually learning deficiencies.


"Prefetch"?  What is Prefetch?  Is there a K-9 mode in this thing?

Here is the current wiki page for the mission planner.


"Prefetch" is used to cache all the zoom levels of a defined area in google maps.  That way, you could take your laptop out somewhere without internet access.




Hi Alastair,

More than 12 months later, I will has the same doubts about Mission Planner, like you. The WIKI is glitch, and we discovery few features we self or, sometimes, with few crashes at field... sad!

Simply there aren't a step by step, about how could do different ways of mission. I mean, how to set it.
My progress here is very slowly because of it.

I hope that $5 milion help to fix it.

I know several of the Mission Planner screens have a 'WIKI' link in the top right. I find this extremely usefull.


Is it possible for the MP developers to add a 'WIKI' link to every MP screen?

This would be an excellent place to define things & if necessary provide examples.

Once the wiki on-screen link & initial wiki page is created by the developers, the Wiki documentation team and others can update the WIKI pages.

The result will be, that over time, we'll develop a 'how to' guide for MP.

Hi, where I can modify the parameters of auto land and auto take off??  Theres some guide to the commands involved in a waypoint? 

About the Prefetch. Is there a way to manage the areas that I've already downloaded?

This link doesn't work.

404. That's an error.

The wiki AC2_Waypoints.wiki for project arducopter was not found.

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