This mission planner is absolutly briliant but there is one little thing I wonder if it is possible to do. I have an ArcGIS mapping solution and alot of my own data running on ArcGIS Desktop 9.2. Is there a way I can tel the application to use my data instead of the online data available because I am going to areas in africa where there is no internet at all and I would like to plot on some GIS information.

Here is a funtionality matrix for more information about the product.




Any help will be appretiated.


Kind Regards  

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All right.  I am up and running in Geoserver.  How do i copy the sat data?

One can get data from your local GIS data provider. I do know how to exstract SAT data from Google earth. 



have you seen the prefetch feature in the planner? just to make sure, you have. It will preload an entire area.



In what format does the planner export the data?

they are just jpg's in google tile format

I am not sure how to do jpg because you need data with it like bounding box and altitude etc

This is absolutely brilliant ! Thanks for the tons of amazing features you've put together in MP.

"Hello Michael,
What type of data are you specifically looking for? Typically you would use the File->Download Online Imagery/Data menu command to pull in one of several different sources that cover the US, such as NAIP for imagery, NED 10m for terrain data, etc. The ECWP data sources are old and typically no where near as good as the other online sources anyway. No one really use the ECWP files anymore. 



Mike Childs
Global Mapper Guru
Blue Marble Geographics"

You can pull imagery down, tat isn't the problem. The free stuff just doesn't have the best resolution, especially as you zoom in towards ground level.

i happen to know landgate here in wa use ecws for all the 0.2m photos.

I use ECWS all the time, but it is made from tiff files of large areas that are high detail. We creat ECWS to bring them into CAD so that our engineers have the imagery. For some reason we have found that ECW works the best.

I think for anyone wanting to do this in Australia try www.nearmaps.com and get a free personal licence.

In downloads section there is a utility that allows you to download them I understand.

Have not tried it yet but I think it is all there for free.

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